Would you see a film about L. Ron Hubbard?

I believe that it is time that a film is made about Hubbard. I would like to see an honest depiction of his life. I saw a biography of his on you tube and was fascinated and horrified by it. He was a real lunatic. I mean, it was clear that he told a bunch of lies, fooled thousands of people and made a fortune selling junk science.

I think making a film about him would be a bold thing to do provided that the film was honest and didn’t contain scientology propaganda. I think Mel Gibson should do some research on Hubbard and do this film. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of controversy.

If any movie succeeds in uncovering deception that misleads people and draws them away from God and truth, then it certainly needs to be made.
That particular film may be difficult to get under way, as some of the most prominent actors suscribe to those beliefs.

I think this film, or if it were a TV series, would make a lot of money. I really hope it gets made. I like films that make people mad, provided the people aren’t the ones who typically get picked on.


Voted no only because there was no option “MAYBE”…as stated by others…I would watch one if it were produced by EWTN or Mel Gibson…Hubbard is interesting only in the same way as Jim Jones…it’s important to know how the enemy operates.

Who’s going to star in it? John Travolta? Tom Cruise? No thanks…

I wouldn’t go for the simple reason that I think he’s a nut. Those folks are entitled to their own beliefs but the Hubbard wrote science fiction for crying out loud. I find him offensive and I’m not even a Christian anymore. Of course, I live in Los Angeles and those Scientology people are all over - they own more valuable real estate than you can shake a stick at and it’s all tax exempt because they are a “religion”. His little followers are all over Hollywood Blvd. - they haves signs “take a FREE personality test”. I’ve known folks who got lured into going to one of their centers and found themselves locked in a room watching a film. It’s a cult. They go after anyone who criticizes them publicly with a shark’s den of high powered attorneys. I believe they simply misrepresent themsevles and are deliberately disingenuous. IMO, they are a joke - a powerful joke with a lot of lawyers, but a joke just the same. :frowning:

i voted yes, but it was more a maybe. if it were a tv movie when nothing else was on and i had nothing else to do then maybe. and like others said if it were pointing out his error then id be more inclined. however i think south park did a good job of debunking him and john smith.

I’m a sci-fi fan and have read quite a bit both by and about Hubbard. His two novellas “Fear” and “Typewriter in the Sky” are pretty good. However, I think he was a total fruitcake. Did you all know that he practiced Black Magic with Jack Parsons? They did a rite in an attempt to create a Moonchild.

Scientology began in Astounding Science Fiction and was called Dianetics - a mental health technique. But Hubbard took it into religion. Accounts I’ve read of his later years when he spent most of his time at sea, show him as disconnected from reality.

Lol at Scientology.

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