Would you support a ban on pornography?

Would you support a ban in the US on the production, possession, and distribution of pornography? If the law was written in a way to protect the women involved, particularly if there was evidence of sex trafficking.

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Banning things usually just makes them more popular.
I would prefer trying to educate people on why pornography is bad. The exploitation, etc.


100% yes
Hit those scumbags where it hurts the most, in their bank accounts. Freeze 'em and seize 'em, have the money go to pay off the student loan debts people owe the government.


I think making it harder to access, as is already done now with the illegal kinds, would be a very good thing. For many people, it is just too available. If there were more restrictions, which I guess would have to be enforced by the internet providers, a good number of lazy people or those who don’t know how to navigate the web that well wouldn’t bother looking for it, or be able to find it, and young people might not chance upon it for the first time as they do now.


can you really do it or will it tie up money that can be better spent?

black-market stuff is illegal but readily available, it would be better to use the money to provide help for the addicted.

haven’t we learned anything from the war on drugs? prohibition?


This isn’t exactly comparable. While yeah, there would still be ways to view it, it would probably shift to being produced somewhere else, and it would make it much easier for parents to keep children from getting access. Right now it’s far too easy for children to access porn. Even with software that restricts content.

On top of that, pornography is a grave evil, it is detrimental to all involved. We may not be able to keep our 100% of it but just sanctioning it and allowing it to exist unhampered isn’t helping either.


I don’t think many people know this, but the Catechism explicitly calls for banning pornography by civil governments:


An interesting line in the CCC. Maybe they should have said that the production and distribution of pornography is “inadmissible”.


So what, we allow them to wallow in their own sin and lead others to it?


Why are performers in porn always referred to as “stars”? Surely they aren’t all well know.

Anyway that’s off subject.

I don’t know how I feel about a ban. On one hand it’s extremely exploitative, but aren’t there now unions and other protections in place for the performers?

Yes, without hesitation. If I had the power I would completely remove it from the internet as well.


By that logic why do we have laws about anything?

The fundamental role of a government is to foster a society that is ordered towards Gods will.


So then what’s your opposition to using the law to make the production and distribution of pornography illegal? People would still have free will to break that law same as any other.

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Yes. Ban it. (good luck with that)

You can’t equate banning pornography with the attempts to prohibit alcohol and drugs.
A more accurate equation to prohibition would be attempting to ban sex.

Pornography is intrinsically evil. Drunkeness is evil. Drug abuse is evil.
Sex is good. Beer is good. Drugs are good.
It is the act of pornography that is in question.


Are you a catholic?

If you’re catholic then I’ll refer you to the catechism source above that states civil governments should ban pornography. And I’ll also reference you to the catechism again on government responsibility to act in the common good of society.

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It’s one of the most popular things on earth presently, ban or no ban.

Doing both would be fine. As it is, people in England protested when they thought they might have to pay for it or tell their ISP they wanted to access it.

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And the church is the institution set forth by Christ to guide the world in faith and morals.

Yes, very interesting indeed. If civil governments had heeded this advice back when the Catechism was first released, our culture would be much better off. Now, pornography is so enmeshed in the digital infrastructure than it would be extremely difficult to get it back into that Pandora’s box.

I still have never seen any rational explanation for why prostitution can be illegal, but pornography cannot. If I pay someone to have sex with me, it’s illegal. But if I pay someone to have sex with me while I video tape it so that I can upload it to the internet for profit, it’s considered “free speech” that is protected by the 1st Amendment.

Whatever lawyers convinced a judge to classify pornography as “speech” deserve a gold medal in verbal gymnastics.


It’s not extremism when you are preventing a public health crisis. Pornography use has been shown to seriously damage the brains of chronic users and to modify the moral opinions of the viewing public over time. The proliferation of porn brings a society full of weak, effeminate men and emotionally broken women. It is essential for the modern world to eliminate this vice, and to give pornographers life in prison at the very least.


No it really doesn’t.

Governments are given authority by God, because all authority comes from God.

Just use of that authority entails the passage of reasonable laws that are in the interest of the common good for society.

Pornography is a grave evil that is extremely detrimental to society. Sin is not just an individual issue. It is also a societal one. And in cases where the government can reasonably pass and enforce laws that help prevent sin from flourishing it has a duty to do so.

One of the major themes of Christianity is free will, yes. And that is why the leaders of nations should make it easier, not harder, for people to make choices that align with Gods will

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