Would you support it if the Civil Law Give Right for Husband to Consent to/ Forbid Wife's Abortion

The fetus is part of the womans body until it can survive on its own (viable). As our technology become more & more advance, hopefully fetus viability age getting younger and younger. The law protects both the right of the mother and the right of a viable fetus.

I would question the fact that illegal abortion is unhelathy, but prolife people prefers to illegalizing abortion.

Not any fathers have equal say. Only father who marry to the woman has a say.

A man whose woman pregnant with his child but refuse to marry her/ cannot marry her ( because he has his own wife, or the woman has her own husband), he has no say.

Only husband & wife are of one body, and not any man/ any woman

Abortion is the outcome of something else that also immoral towards both woman and children.

To forget about it and just pushing responsibility to woman is just as immoral.

It would be nice if the law at least protected a child who has developed to a certain age, but in my area the law is opposed to that.

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Exactly, but your law doesn’t do that.

Yes, but I hold both accountable so that’s not relevant to my point.


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Supposedly illegalizing abortion will lessen the number of abortion,

does it make it better to let one foetus die in back alley clinic, as compared to five in legal clinics?

In other words by illegalizing abortion, we let one die but we save five.

There’s also the reverse in that we let the fetus be aborted in order to give someone a bit of control. So on it’s own that’s a bad argument since it affects both legalizing and prohibiting abortion.

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The father just not get a choice.

Whatever limits the frequency of abortion is good.

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I think this question is intentioned well, but it is not legally viable. It also will not do an end around to accomplish the goals of pro life.
The issue properly framed must focus on the human life involved. The unborn child. The moment you switch to an argument of fathers rights, you obfuscate the life of the unborn by arguing it indirectly.
The argument of a woman’s right to control her body, and not have the state usurp that right is not an argument without merit. Pro life argues it is outweighed. Not non existent. The fathers right is subordinated by biological reality to the mothers because the state ultimately exercises control over the mothers body not the fathers. The court is interested in the states exercise of it’s power. Legal issue not moral one.


We frame this moral matter into legal matter:

that “adultery offends legal marriage”

Instead of “illegalizing abortion”

The unborn child life is not the only life involved.

Most abortion is because of adultery.

If we follow how our bible frame this issue, we know that biological father who offend marriage by sleeping with other mans wife, this biological father, should not be given any right whatsoever to claim any position of fatherhood of the child he placed under other man’s house. It is not DNA that is important in bringing up a child. It is the love within the home.

Consequently, if there is anyway to uphold such fatherhood right of the husband, it may be possible to stop the degradation of culture that tolerate adulterous behavior.

It is too convenient to give equal parenting right simply because a man able to “sprinkle” his dna to other mans house and then he get somewhat fatherhood status based on biology. If he do it by offending legal right of other man, then he has no legal standing for fatherhood right despite the child has his dna. The owner of the house has the right to decide what to do with the child, in order to keep their home (marriage) safe.

I quote from the other thread:

This isn’t true.

Statistic shows it.

Statistics can’t show it, because most people wouldn’t admit it.

Is what you meant, that most people seeking abortions are not married? That is different than adultery.

The problem is that to make an assertion like that, without any supporting evidence, is mere supposition. If it IS true, where is the evidence?

There is no evidence to support that the majority of abortions are a result of adultery.

I believe there are sources out there that provide other statistics…generally if someone seeking an abortion is married, or not married. Whether the pregnancy was intended or accidental. Socio-economic status of individuals seeking abortion, etc.

There is no meaningful study that indicates if the pregnancy was conceived from an adulterous relationship.

Absolutely correct. And earlier, I posted data (perhaps on another thread?) that sows if there is a correlation between abortion and poverty, it is a negative correlation – as poverty goes up, abortion goes down. That study did not include data from the Obama administration, when there were more people living below the poverty level than there had been for generations. And guess what?

The abortion rate went down.

Yep. Many people need immediate cash to procure an abortion. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it.

You can probably get it for free if you meet a certain poverty threshold, but otherwise you have to pay something.

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