Would you tell them?

I dunno if this is the place to ask this, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else…

If you went to the doctor’s and they found something that could potentially become cancerous, or a disease not as bad as cancer, but potentially just as serious or slightly less, and they told you to come back after a year to find out if it will become cancerous or a disease, would you tell your family when you first heard about it? Or would you wait the year, and see if it ended up being serious or not, and if it was, then tell them?


I guess it would vary case by case how to go about it, but my answer would be yes. Personally I would want a lot of people to pray for my health and more importantly soul in the meanwhile.

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When your doctor tells you to come back after a year, you doctor obviously isn’t worried at all about you, so why should you worry the heck out of your family about it when your doctor obviously isn’t worried about it?
It’s when your doctors tell you to come back next week for massive diagnostic testing and that testing turns out positive that you tell your family about it and worry the heck out of them. Otherwise, you’re more likely to get hit by a drunk driver than anything else, so don’t sweat it.

hhmmm…my concern is waiting a yr to “find out”

I’m not sure what medical problem you may be having , but my aunt was given similar advice. She found a lump and went to her dr. He was able to find the lump and said to wait and see what happens, and return in a yr. She found a second dr to do a biopsy, and discovered the lump was cancer.

I hope the advice of waiting a year is good advice. As for your question, consult family you trust and let them help you cope with all the “what if’s.” Telling family is not burdening them, but allowing them to care for you and pray for you.

Depends upon the family. If I am married, I’m telling my spouse. But anyone after that, it would depend upon if there were children involved, their ages, my age, my financial situation…any given number of factors would determine whether I would say anything or everything. EXCEPT I would tell my spouse no matter what.

Thanks all. I don’t know if I have the means to ask another Dr, but it couldn’t hurt looking into if it’s possible.

I’m not married (yet), and as Former said, I don’t want to worry my family if it’s not something serious, though I must admit, it’s not easy to not be thinking about it and wondering while I’m with them. But, in any case, I’ll try seeing if I can see another Dr.

Thanks again

Second opinion as soon as possible! And, since you said not married YET, if you are engaged or seriously considering someone as a lifetime marriage partner, I would definitely share this with them. And of course, ask for prayers for a “special intention” if you decide to keep this info to yourself for awhile. Meanwhile, we here at CA will pray for you.:grouphug:

Thanks Sherry =)

You’re right, I’m engaged, and I dunno if it’s strange that I would tell him and not anyone else, but I did tell him. And I think I will keep it to myself for now–from family I mean. But thank you very much for your prayers :slight_smile:

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