Would You Trust a Vision that you had?

This morning as soon as my eyelids opened from deep sleep, there in front of my eyes was a very large, colorful, image of the Sacred heart of Jesus. It was all I could see as it filled my field of vision entirely. I felt some peace, but mostly I was aghast. I have never received a vision before, and I take it that it was from God and He was trying to comfort me and let me know hes here for me and that He loves me.

It was beautiul, and lasted for about 5 minutes, in my darkened bedroom today.

I did tell one priest who told me that “Our Lord is blessing you. Be grateful to Him.”

“At the same time, dont become dependent on visions-the devil can very easily counterfeit them. Focus on your adoration of the Blessed Sacrement, Rosary, mental prayer and living with the awareness that you are always in His loving presence.”

It was such a real and powerful vision to receive, I dont want it to be really a trick of satan, and that the vision was a fake one!

How do you know if your vision or visions are real or from the evil one?

Dosnt double mindedness lead to insantiy?

Must I question if all visions are from God or the /devil?!

There’s really only one thing you need in order to determine the answer. Did the experience bring me closer to God?


Visions occur via the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit leads, always and everywhere, to humility and unity.

Any other message - disregard it and offer the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. Keep up on the Sacraments.


If the vision was edifying i would trust it and write it down.

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You discussed this with a priest. If he said it’s a blessing from God, then I believe it was. Do exactly what he said. They are a wonderful grace when from God. But you absolutely know the Eucharist is God Himself. So that’s a guarantee. Visions are a bonus, but always go with what a religious superior says.


Yes, as I immediately went into the livingroom where I have a very small picture of the SHJ, and I looked at it and prayed, then was led by the spirit to go and get a small booklet of prayers:

“My Pocket Devotions to the Sacred Heart,” that a good friend of mine gave to me before he left.

He directed me to keep praying to the Sacred Heart. He is right. I think the HS is telling me, and Jesus is telling me-to pray and devote myself to the SHJ!!

There are many promises…

Very wise, thank you so very much.

The absolute is the Eucharist, with a vision only being a bonus.

We should all go with the Absolute.

It was the questioning that it could be of the devil in disguise that threw me off and ruined my entire day.

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Thank you Katie, it led me to pick up that booklet a friend had given me and to start praying to the SHJ. I was feeling very low, and its as if He was saying not to forget that He loves us.

so straying away into darkness, He came to remind me not to forget Him and His sacred heart.

I should go to confession today

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Obedience to the Magisterium, Sacred Tradition, and Sacred Scripture precedes everything else.

If an experience causes you or invites you to sin in anyway, then ignore it. Otherwise, it is fine. Don’t become dependent and clingy for consolations or special experiences, but don’t shy away from them either or become paranoid. Simply accept the day that the Lord gives you.



I would trust it and think this is fantastic advice from your priest.

If you have another vision ask the vision to pray the Hail Mary with you or just pray it out loud, if it is Satan he won’t like it but if it made you feel at peace then it must be good.


@Gripper thank you for responding. Interestingly, I’ve been informed that stong, spiritual experiences that are profound as well as beautiful often happen to those whom this priest I’m working with. He prays over me and eventually these things are starting to happen.

In adoration, I felt genuine love for Jesus and Mary that was soothing and calming and was not like anything I have ever experienced before in adoration.

HIs strong payers over me, something is happening to me. Its slight, and gradual, but its there.

Its like a refreshing wave washing over you.

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Not a vision, but two weeks ago I smelled a rose.

I’ve personally been going through a tough time and I’ve been praying a 54 Day Rosary Novena. On the first two days I had been to Adoration and really poured my heart out. On the third day, I was at home suffering from congestion, in my media room with the door closed. I had finished praying the Rosary, and was about to say a prayer to my patroness St. Faustina. Suddenly out of nowhere, when I inhaled I smelled a single rose. As if it were pressed up against my nostril and when I breathed in, that’s how pure the scent was.

I was stunned and froze up in my praying and was in utter disbelief. The scent quickly faded. Now in my media room, let alone house, there are no flowers, strange scents, air fresheners of anything that could have reproduced this smell. Nothing.

It was just one good long, stiff, scent of a rose. Either it’s Our Lady telling me that she’s listening or that my Novena would be granted.


Our Lady leaves me stars.
Little ones in the garage and a felt one under Her statue in my house in mass pews etc.
So many do not believe in the mystical side of our religion…

In Christs love
Katie :butterfly:


You are very right that so many do not believe in the mystical side of our faith. I’ve had dreams and one vision of Christ on the Cross. He told me to my face “Do not labor for money, labor for love.” I sure do not expect or rely on such events, but they sure give my faith a boost. They are so nice to receive.


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