Would You Visit a "Prayer Booth"?

Kind of an interesting idea…


It beats a lot of things that happen in NYC.

Already have one, it’s called my work cubicle…:smiley:

Oh, but this one has a kneeler…


A Mortimer Prayer Booth

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Great picture. Now that’s interesting! I wonder if people will actually use them. It is kindof clever to make them similar to phone booths since prayer is communication.

That’s cool. I can actually see how that might tempt someone to kneel and pray and see what happens!

But I cynically wonder if someone will find a way to sue the artist for intellectual property rights violations for copying symbols associated with a phone booth (owned by ma bell or someone).

That is cool…With the amount of cell phones out there, I am pretty sure Phone Booths will probably be obsolete pretty soon…At least one use for them now…

Kind of like urban shrines…

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