Would you vote for this guy?

I know you’re probably already familiar with Hilaire Belloc. But since people are starting to talk about elections, how awesome would it be to see something like this?

“From 1906 to 1910 [Belloc] was a Liberal Party Member of Parliament for Salford South, but swiftly became disillusioned with party politics. During one campaign speech he was asked by a heckler if he was a ‘papist.’ Retrieving his rosary from his pocket he responded, ‘Sir, so far as possible I hear Mass each day and I go to my knees and tell these beads each night. If that offends you, then I pray God may spare me the indignity of representing you in Parliament.’ The crowd cheered and Belloc won the election.”
(taken from New World Encyclopedia online)


As much as my kids and I adore Cautionary Tales for Children, no I wouldn’t vote for Belloc simply because he was Catholic. He was, in my view, a much better writer and poet than a politician.

I though that he was a Conservative-turned independent rather than starting out as a Liberal.

Imagine having G K Chesterton on the same ticket! :thumbsup:
Along with the common sense, you`d hear some good jokes. :slight_smile:

But, he might need his own specially strengthened seat. :smiley:

I would certainly vote for those two! You don’t get a witty Catholic writer as your Member of Parliament every day! Throw in J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis (we will try not to hold his Anglicanism against him) while you are at it and have George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell (he did not become a peer until the early '30’s), and Ludwig Wittgenstein (who seemed like he couldn’t make up his mind about religion) as some of their opponents! And put Churchill and Lady Astor (an anti-Catholic Christian Scientist) somewhere in the story!

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