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I came across an interesting discussion and I wonder how most would answer it here at CAF.

Would you vote for someone who you know uses/practices contraception,for eg. the pill, condoms etc?

I am not talking about abortion. I think most people know the pro-life stance. So, let’s imagine that in the above scenario, this particular politician is anti-abortion etc. Would his or her use of contraception affect your vote? Why or Why not?

I assume the vast majority of candidates use birth control. I think Ted Cruz alluded to use if condoms. I find the information somewhat disturbing. I don’t think we need to know if candidate x covers something with latex, or candidate y takes pills every morning, or what cycle candidate z falls into.

But if somehow (as in cruz’s case) or some other candidate was outed on bedroom habits I don’t think it would matter much to me.

I don’t want to know about it. But it wouldn’t affect my vote.

I agree.

There are other issues as well.


I’m just thinking out loud here…

So, I guess, from the responses that it would not affect their voting habits, that the same holds true for maltreatment of widows and orphans, stealing, murder, abortion, etc.?

If the answer is, “No of course not”, I can only guess the justification is that the use of artificial contraception is to some degree, or at least in comparison to other sins, acceptable.

If that’s the case, what we have inadvertently done is to make use of artificial contraception acceptable in our eyes, and Church teachings are wrong…

Or, that we are hypocrites.

It seems that being a cafeteria Catholic is much easier and widespread than we might think.

To be fair, I don’t think the previous respondents were saying they disagree with church teachings or whether they endorse the use of contraception. So labelling the poster a cafeteria catholic is not appropriate.
At any rate, that was not in the question. I think they are answering the question as is…i.e. would it affect the vote? Would you even want to know that much detail about a politician’s sex life?
I do not doubt the sincerity of anyone’s belief in the Church’s teaching just by their academic answer to a hypothetical question.

Well said.


I doubt that there is going to be a candidate that fits all of the above, also to include pro-life stance and whether that candidate uses ABC/BC.

I think there are bigger issues than if someone uses ABC/BC in their life. That isn’t being a cafeteria catholic, that is just reality.

That depends. Does the cafeteria have meatloaf? If it does, then count me in! I love meatloaf.


Completely agree.

My reaction would be “TMI” (too much information).

A better question would be whether it would effect our vote if a candidate was anti-abortion but pro-contraception. Personally, that would not effect my vote, because I’m convinced that the soul is not infused until implantation. To steal a line from Mario Cuomo, I’m personally opposed to contraception, but I don’t think the state should ban it. Abortion is another thing altogether. The state has a duty to ban abortion, because it can be proven that abortion is murder (murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a person with malice aforethought).

If a candidate felt the need to actually bring the subject up (because how else can it arise - a record of voting against abortion is public record but how else could we know what happens in their bedroom!?) - it would be a mark against him or her in my book for the sheer tastelessness of stating explicitly or implicitly their use of it.

Though bc is sinful, I think the sin doesn’t come into it (as others have said, it’s very widespread, so that to use it as a criterion is kind of shutting out 99% of all candidates at any given election, I imagine) - on a personal level it might sometimes be a subject for discussion but they are political candidates for X office.

Having the temerity to bring the subject up in general probably says something about their ego or particular and peculiar interests. I’m not interested, and I certainly don’t want to know.

No, only because there would be absolutely no one left to vote for. The likelihood of a practicing Christian who is 100% pro-life (including anti-contraception) is almost non-existent. But I take abortion VERY seriously and refuse to vote for anyone who supports abortion, even and especially if the candidate in question is the “lesser of two evils.” In my mind any support of abortion is evil and I will not support those candidates who support abortion for any reason.

Are they preventative contraceptives or abortive contraceptives?

If the former, then I’d vote for him because anti-abortion politicians are rare in these times.

If the latter, I wouldn’t vote for him because he would be a hypocrite.

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