Would you watch a Gremlins 3?

I’m a long time fan, and have had numerous ideas for a third film, especially where Forster and Greta seem to get together at the end of the last. (human/gremlin hybrid kids, anyone?).

I’f they did computerized gremlins I’m not too thrilled about it, but I suppose if it flowed just right, I GUESS it might work. Just leave Gizmo in puppet form.

Your poll needed a fourth bullet for “not sure”.

Film tix cost a LOT more than they did back when!!!


I would provided i don’t have to pay to see it!

So long as Joe Dante directs it, with Chris Columbus writing the script just like he did with the first one(and ONLY writing the script… NOT in the director’s chair. I would boycott the film if he was the director).

I would think they would have to write in a good cameo for John Cena, or the Rock… make the WWE cameo in the part where the film inevitably “breaks down” to show the “audience watching the film”, a “tradition”.

Not in the theaters. I’d watch it when Netflix got it, provided the audience response up that point was good.

Favorite line from the original: “Bye-bye woof-woof!”

That was a pretty good one.

The second one was just too silly. The first one was superb. So I guess it depends. Knowing the movie industry today, they’ll probably just remake the first film and add a sex scene.

And of course add computer generated graphic mogwai and gremlins no doubt.

That would suck.

Although talking of sex scenes, which the third if it exists better not have one, how on earth would forester and greta have kids anyway? I mean, water, sure, but then he has nothing but daughters, as she’d probably only produce female gremlins, being a female herself now. I don’t know if the plumbing would be right… but it might be creepy and a bit fun to see a mutant, hybrid.

They didn’t use CGI in the rather brilliant Muppets revival… so I actually doubt they’d use it in this film either…

Hollywood isn’t that stupid to use CGI in a film where people would be expecting good solid puppetry. If Disney was behind this and involved some of the creative team from the Muppets, I’d be even more excited for it…

Perhaps that cgi-less puppet film has opened up the door for a Gremlins 3 in the first place, after all if something is that sucessful, it usually follows that other simular projects at other studios could be Greenlit on the hope they could emulate the success. Or Disney could be looking for another “genre film” and might be open to investing in getting the rights to and developing a Gremlins film should the script be good enough.

Gremlins 3 might also, production wise, benifit from the fact that a third “Bill and Ted”(YES!!! I’ve been looking forward to seeing a middle aged Keanu Reeves as Ted! and Alex Winter is back too!) is currently about to enter production… Should that film also be a sucessful “80’s franchise revival”, then they will probably look at other franchises from the era.

I’ve already wasted four hours of my life that I will never have back on the first 2. I have to vote “no.”

I don’t care who writes it, directs it, or stars in it or whether they would use computer generated gremlins or not…if they made a Gremlins 3, I would definitely watch it. :thumbsup:

Of course, I’d be borrowing the DVD from the library the same way I get all my movies. That way I never feel like I got ripped off. And I can always turn it off if it’s not looking good. :wink:

I guess I shouldn’t say I would definitely watch it. If I thought about it for a while, I’m sure I could come up with plenty of ways they could convince me otherwise. :o

I didn’t even know they had a second movie…I must be a little out of it.

You need to get with it. LOL.

Joking aside, I would go and see it, no question. But I would be very dubious about CGI. Keep it in the same look and feel of the originals. Gremlins had to be one of the best Christmas’ movies ever! Good old fashioned fun movie, wish there was more like them, ah the Goonies, Flight of the Navigator… I was an 80’s child.


A little taste of what an “early” teaser trailer for a Gremlins 3 would look like?

Kind of like that famous Spiderman Teaser(the one that was pulled after 9/11), or other such “no footage from the actual film” teasers…

Of course I’d watch Gremlins 3, I’m a big kid at heart. I remember years ago being in the Warner Brothers store in Manhattan, there was an escalator that took you to the second and third floors. Instead of metal panels on the sides of the escalator, there was clear plexiglass that allowed you to see the machinery inside. Gremlin figures could be seen inside, tearing out pieces of metal and wires! Wish I had taken a photo of it, the store is long gone.

I’m tired of seeing “new” movies based on successful franchises from 70’s-80-s-90’s. George Lucas started by destroying the good name of Star Wars, then every money grubbing moron in Hollywood had to take something that was once great and re-create it into garbage. Indiana Jones, Rambo, Rocky, Terminator, etc just to name a few.

This needs to stop.

Rocky Balboa was the second best film in the entire franchise… I’m glad they brought it back and ended it on the right note…

“Yo Adrian, we did it!” - finally the perfect ending to the franchise.

And personally “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” has grown on me.

Also how could a “Bill and Ted 3”, be money grabbing? it’s a gamble at best that people remember the franchise(especially youngsters), so obviously they’re probably making it because Keanu and Alex just want to play the roles all over again, rather than for the cash.

They’re making a Bill & Ted 3? How did I not know this!? :bounce:

They’re still waiting to be cleared by an airline(studio) for take-off…

But the Crew(Keanu and Alex) is on board and the flightplan(script) is in the Pilot’s cockpit.



In other “old franchise coming back from the dead” news, Charlize Theron has confirmed “Mad Max (4): Fury Road”(directly followed by a 5th entry, “Mad Max: Furiosa”) is set to begin filming any moment now for a 2013 release date. Although it’s a dang shame they couldn’t find a suitable location to make the movie in it’s “spiritual home” of Australia, this is filming in Africa instead. Gibson has “approved” the production and even happily attended a special screening of the original film, that was also attended by the new cast.

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