Would you watch something extremely graphic?

my hispanic neighbor told me that he just watched on youtube, 5 men being decapitated.he watched every detail of it and it didnt bother him,as they were evil people.he told me that one guy even used a machete ,as the knife became dull.he encourage me to watch it,i declined ,as i may become traumatized ,after watching it.what do ya think??i already prayed for both parties.i feel pale wrining this.

Nope, what good does it do? You can’t stop it, you can’t intervene…at that point you’re just engaging in watching gore porn.

That’s why I shake my head when I hear people who want to see the newest gory horror film, it does nothing but mess with your mind.

My :twocents:

The worse thing I’ve ever watched was a pig get beheaded with a chain saw and it still moved afterwards. It made me angry and now I keep a lid on what I watch.

I totally agree. And once those images get in your head, you can’t get rid of them. :frowning:

No. It’s a kind of porn and potentially just as harmful.

Nope, I would not watch that.


I would worry about such a neighbor, frankly. Why would he tell you so calmly to watch a hideous video like that?


I don’t understand why anyone would encourage you to watch something like that. :frowning: This is what troubles me with the world – people become so desensitized to awful, graphic things like this, that it doesn’t phase them anymore. I remember years ago when Nicholas Berg was beheaded in Iraq, soooo many people were saying that if you didn’t watch that graphic and horrifying video of it happening, you couldn’t fully understand the tragedy of what had happened. Well, obviously, yes, you could, and without having to endure nightmares about it afterward.

There is, in my opinion, no point in watching graphic things like that. What does it accomplish? What good does it do? Good for you for not watching that! :wink:

I think you should be concerned about your neighbor. Be very cautious around him and look out for your family. You felt the need to include that he is hispanic. Were you suggesting or insinuating that he may have had a traumatic past with some cartel violence?

This does seem like a really odd thing to just address with your neighbor. I could see someone talking to their best friend about such a thing, but a neighbor or acquantance seems really odd. It is like he is testing you in some way. Did you feel threatened at all by the encounter? Maybe he likes that kind of stuff and is looking for someone else who does. Sometimes sadists like to have a partner in crime or two. Again, be careful.

Thanks for all the response.Actually,in general they’re good neighbors.they go to a baptist church every Sunday.The men that were beheaded were members of Drug cartels and the perpetrators were their rivals.I dont think i will ever watch it.Furthermore,if i cant watch it in a flick,what more in reality!He said that they were really begging for their lives to be spared and were not even blindfolded.I just hope and pray that these gruesome murders ,especially in Mexico ,stopped, once and for all!

I watched a graphic video of an athlete injuring his knee. Not the same, I know, but I wanted to know how the injury occurred. His knee wasn’t fractured, though seeing it happen I had to watch slow motion to marvel at the beating the knee took. Bodies are amazing. But, I would not want to see someone die. Not even a “bad person”.

So he watched a drug cartel beheading…Saying that the men who died were evil. What about the men who did the beheading? Both groups are probably equally evil, and no one deserves to die that way. The beheadings are not going to stop, my friend. Drug violence is only getting worse in Mexico, and now they have elected a President who will be back in the cartel’s control.

You say he’s nice? Hmmmm…No Christian could watch such a thing and be unmoved.


Yes frankly that is very odd. I don’t think I’d ever watch something like that. I often turn my head away during gory parts in movies. There is just no point in it. There is no entertainment purpose to it and no educational purpose. Violent things happen, watching them on YouTube doesn’t make you tougher person.

Gore porn on Youtube? No, thanks, nothing edifying there.

Violent movies? They don’t bother me, because I know it’s all special effects, and no one’s really being hurt. I cheer when the orc’s head is cut off in The Two Towers, and I can do that because I already know that the actor is still alive and doing well.

If there’s something to be learned (as in a safety/medical/war history program), I can watch a graphic program and compartmentalize the gore away.

Sometimes the gore looks pretty realistic in some films. I just don’t care to watch it. Lord of the Rings is pretty easy as they are just killing mindless Orcs and it is of course a fantasy film.

We were required to watch a YouTube video of a woman being stoned to death in my women’s studies class. I opted not to watch and did some creative writing when it came to the essay question on the midterm. I passed the class. I was happy.

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