would you...???

DH submitted a resume to a place we REALLY want him to go…would you call the central office to make sure they received it? i’m pretty sure they would have, i just don’t want to find out after the fact that it’s setting in some random pile in a different office and the deadline to apply is gone…thoughts?

Nothing wrong with that. If anything, it shows them that you’re serious about following up. Having been a hiring manager, those who called to follow up, be it after submitting a resume or attending an interview, those people stuck out in my mind as go-getters. It can’t hurt; give it a try! Just have your DH call (not you).

yes, your DH should follow up. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

He should follow up for any type of job he wants.

I wanted a part time job at a hospital and the only reason I got it was because I called the nurse manager for the department and the director of human resources at least twice a week until I got the job.

He needs to call if he wants it.

Sometimes employers state no phone calls, please. However, I’ve always disregarded that. Like the others here, I would advise your husband to call, and even call again to show interest, in about a week or two, after waiting for a response.

Did you send it by email too?

If your husband knows somebody there or has some connections, it would be better if he calls. Calling means that he shows interests.

thanks for the advice…he wasn’t sure if it would be considered appropriate or not and he literally doesn’t want to do anything wrong that would jeopardize his chances. he’ll be calling tomorrow

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