Wouldn't God be egocentric if he wants us to praise him?

Why did God create us? wouldn’t God be egocentric if he wants us to praise him?

Dear friend,

Who does God think He is; God Almighty? You need to think outside of the human box. He is not just a bigger version of us. He alone is God and He KNOWS that He is God. He IS egocentric and He alone has the right to be! Our praising Him is entirely appropriate because He is God. To acknowledge that He is God is simply to acknowledge the truth of who He is. We owe Him such acknowledgement. It’s called worship. After all; He deliberately gave us existence and continues to do so or we wouldn’t be.

God created us to spend eternity appreciating the infinite Goodness that He is. Nothing could bring us greater joy. He is the Source of all that is good. Of all the things that we love here on earth, He is the source of those things. As Bishop Sheen used to say about the good we love here, “If this is the spark; what must be the flame?”

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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