WoW alternative for someone with 4-5 hours a week


I do like to play World of Warcraft but now that I am a married man and soon to be a dad, I really don’t have time to play that game. As you may know, you need to put a lot of time into this game in order to get anywhere. Heck, I probably spent more time walking and looking for groups than actually doing quests.

I like MMORPGs though, ones with real people and interesting tasks, magic/weapons, character development. I’m just looking for one that I can spend 4-5 hours a week on and get somewhere, one that is a bit faster paced than WoW.

Can anyone reccomend one?


Well, the games are really just what you put into them. You can make progress in WoW with small amounts of time.

I wouldn’t bother looking for groups if you have so little time as once you get in a group you will probably shortly drop out and that would be frustrating for both you and your group. Just solo and if you don’t play much you probably always have rested XP. Look for guides to help you level the most efficiently. Plus, speaking from experience, it’s not about getting to the end really. Most players do not “stop to smell the flowers” when they are leveling and stop to enjoy the process of leveling.

I know as I have two kids and when I played it was just about 2 hours a night after everyone was in bed, including my wife, and I still got 2 characters to 60. Much slower than my friends but, such is life.

And if that still doesn’t work, you might try checking on for all the different titles out.

Good luck!

I have a permanent group which schedules instances on Friday nights. I also have some individuals that let me tag along when they are available or I am.
I guess leveling is not my priority. I like the quests and exploring. Most of the time that doesn’t require a group.
My toons are only on Zangarmarsh. My lowest level is a Draeni and she’s a lot of fun. My high level Tauren hunter and her “dawg” explore everywhere including places not really safe for her. Once got stuck in the front area of Karazhan between the front gate and locked door. Of course she got locked in Stratholme and had to make a run for it unsuccessfully.
Most fun was flying over Outland dropping bombs on felcannons.

You might enjoy Oblivion. It isn’t a internet type game but it is a lot of fun. The story line is good, its as addictive as WOW and it has great graphics. You need a strong computer to run it though.

I was just going to recommend Oblivion. Awesome game, hundreds of hours can be spent, and I’ll literally stand for minutes just examining the landscape. You can save at any time, so you can pick up and play for minutes or hours.

I have it for the PC and 360; puts quite a toll on your PC if it isn;t high end. I prefer the PC version because of the many mods you can download to make the game even better, but in the end, I like the 360 version because it affords me laying in front of my main TV and playing while prone on the couch…

I actually play LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online). It’s an MMO similar to WoW in many ways. Though I find it jives much better with my ability to play in small bursts.

I’m not sure how far you got into WoW, but WoW is a very gear-centered. And of course to get gear you have to spend eons of time raiding. LotRO is a tad more casual and less focused on acquiring gear. Also, it takes place in Tolkien’s world! What’s not to love about that??

I signed up for a Lifetime membership in LotRO, which frees me from every having to pay monthly fees. That relieves me of any guilt I may feel if I go a month or two of not playing but still paying. Something that happened to me all the time with WoW.

If you do decide to try out LotRO they’ll give you a week for free. I play on the Arkenstone server (medium pop) the busiest server is Brandywine…which is good if you’re looking for easy to pick up groups.

Wow, i didn’t know they had that – how much does that cost?

Gears of War!

ZZRRRAWWWW (the sound of my super chainsaw)

  1. FREE *no subscription fees *at all (though you can purchase some premium content)
  2. Quite exceptional graphics when taking 1 into account
  3. Pretty quick leveling, and once you’re up, you can PvP for short spells
  4. Quests are generally short

All in all, its really just an MMO-lite, but I can’t argue with the price.

There are alot of crashes sometimes, and lagg can be a problem.
And if you’re the type that simply can’t stand having a fictional pantheon, then I guess it aint for you, though most NPCs regard the “gods” with as much respect as the modern western liberal does today.

I understood if you preordered LOTRO before hand, and paid, like, $200 or something, you would never have to pay a subscription fee.

I do think about the money I pay monthly for WOW. But I play instead of watching cable tv so it evens out I think. Not to say we don’t have cable because we do. My husband is the tv watcher in the family and must have his Fox sports soccer matches and Speed network.
Our kids are grown. We don’t go out very often except for a casual supper. This is how we are entertained.
As for it being gear centered the people with whom I play do not do so so gold or gear. It is just the fun of questing and discovering new areas.
I love the graphics in WOW. The Elvish lands can be so calming. Winterspring gives me a chance to spend time in snow where in the RL we get very little. A rainstorm in Ferales had me just sitting and admiring the colors and changes. The Nagrand skies are lovely.
LOTR would lag my computer to a grinding halt I fear. WOW is about all it can handle.
PS I have very good gear and have never been on a raid.

Yea the subscription price for World of Warcraft is a bargain for how many hours of entertainment it provides.

I know what you mean about getting “virtual” satsifaction from visiting the snow and rainy spots. I get the same satisfaction for spending money when I buy stuff at the auction house – so much cheaper than buying something Ii dont need in real life :slight_smile:

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