Wow - book Ready Player One!

So my late teens/young adult son and I saw the movie Ready Player One when it came out because it looked so cool to him and I didn’t find anything too offensive about it. It was as expected. He loved it and I dozed off a time or two, though he didn’t notice.
More recently he mentioned the book was much better and that I should read it…well, I finally borrowed it from the library.
Yeah, it’s different - in the worst way.
I remember the uproar in Christian circles about the Golden Compass series pushing atheism. So as I begin reading Ready Player One, I’m about a chapter in when the protagonist teen realizes that “adults had been lying to him his entire life”, and due to his diligent reading and research he found out that God is a myth and we’re all just animals.
( So basically what they teach in public school, but dressed up to be a parental conspiracy to control children.)
I’m surprised I never heard about this? Is this old news?
Very disappointing to see this message so often pushed on our kids. And the perpetrators are like the devil: sneaky, subtle, etc.


Thanks for the heads up. I love the movie and was thinking about reading the book, but now am going to give it a pass. I don’t read things that are offensive to me.


That is unfortunate, as I loved the movie.

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Thanks for the warning, I liked the movie, too.

There seems to be an inexorable move toward nihilism in western culture, in our art and technological progress, and there is no way really to shield young people from it. We have our faith though, which is the only real hope we have left. We can teach it, but there is no guarantee that it will take root or be choked by the existential despair overtaking everyone (it’s a similar spirit of despair that has been deeply entrenched in eastern — dharmic — culture since ancient times, inoculating it to the gospel).

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What @jofa says about Ready Player One, I find to be true in reverse about the TV series “True Blood” and the book series “Southern Vampire Mysteries” on which the TV series is based.
The books are good entertainment, with engaging characters and interesting stories.
The TV series is horrible. It degrades the book characters and is filled with random, mostly pointless violence, sexual promiscuity and rape.

I’m glad I found the books but regret that I viewed any episodes of the series.


I read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Never saw the movie.

I love fiction. I don’t let a character’s situation or belief alter my faith. Thanks be to God for his grace.

I think it’s important to read things you don’t always agree with, to learn about what others think. It doesn’t hurt unless it starts to sway you…hopefully it will not if you built your house on rock, and continue to go to mass and confession regularly.

I do screen what my daughters are reading (6 and 9 years old) until their catholic foundation is stronger.

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The approach is always insidious. Like a healthy wholesome dinner laced with some poison. If you have teenage kids have them as part of their catechesis listen to these short talks by Archbishop Sheen to inoculate them from the intellectual viruses that they are being bombarded with.

Free virus shots available here

Thanks for the info; I enjoyed the movie too.
Then people wonder why the suicide rate in young people is skyrocketing. It’s a result of nothing to live for and no hope.

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