Wow-God showed me a sign yesterday I think

I was walking in the parking lot to walmart and I saw a bumpersticker that said- Got Mary?

I was having some doubts lately but that was a good reminder for me that Mama Mary DOES intercede for us!!!


I am happy about that.

Oh, and then a couple who are the leaders of our hispanic community at my parish were there at walmart just when I was leaving and they were looking for a shopping cart, so I gave them mine lol…

Could all that be a sign from God?

Mary absolutely intercedes for us. When I was growing up, my mother taught us to say “three Hail Marys” if we were looking for something we lost. It is amazing how effective this prayer is.

I always say a Hail Mary before engaging in some activity involving some risk.

Any reminder of Mary is a sign from God.



I’ve always enjoyed the bumper-sticker that reads, “No Mary, No Jesus. Know Mary, Know Jesus!”

There is no such thing as singular signs from God anymore. Our Lord Jesus Christ brought the strongest, most perfect sign of light into this world, and just because He ascended does not mean His light has vanished.

The whole Cosmos is a sign from God, as our pastor explained yesterday evening. :slight_smile: To hear a man say that “this” is a sign, or a woman declare that “that” is a special moment of grace, he said, betrays how the person thinks about God. If a moment of salvation, grace, or sudden revelation surprises you, it means that you were not too sure even about God’s existence, let alone that He works in the world. It means you were falling into doubt, and were not containing faith in your heart properly. On the other hand, if one of those moments just seems like part of the normal flow of life (as it did to the saints) - that Christ and His grace flood the world eternally and infinitely since that holy Nativity - then there is no way you can be surprised or shocked at some event or sign you see: because everything, everything is part of God’s all-sustaining Word forever. There are no separate miracles or signs, now that God Himself has a face. Think about that!

St. John of the Cross said miracles, visions, and consolations are “garbage”, literally. He was not saying that such holy things as the Annunciation, Healing of the sick, etc., by God and the saints were to be disregarded, but that everything about God is more important than His words and works. He, alone, is what matters, not even the light that proceeds from Him - we see the Sun, not simply the rays of light that are extensions of it. God is our Sun, the source of all our power and life. Focusing on His miracles and signs is like rubbish compared to the love of Christ.

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