wow! is this for real?

Is this guy for real? Is this what people mean by “health and wealth” gospel? comments please!

He is a very disturbed and misguided man -truly in need of our prayers. And especially prayers for those who listen to and fall for him.


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Sometime when you have nothing better to do, or have something better to do but are burning with curiosity, watch TBN in the morning. It’s an eye-opener. Several years ago a Baptist friend of mine wanted to visit some non-denominational churches and asked me to go since her family wouldn’t. We went to one particular church that was actually part of a franchise; I guess I can’t mention which one on the forum, but the pastor preached that if you tithed, God would give you enough wealth to support four generations of your family. The “Amen, brother!'s” were flying all over the place and there was a woman at the back of the church dancing with an Israeli flag (I have no idea what that was about.) My Baptist friend was as horrified as I was. Now what’s going to happen to these people’s ‘faith’ when God doesn’t provide this service for them?

Joel Olsteen is a little creepy, in my opinion.
Watch his eyes, his face, the jerky expression changes and the smile. I always get the sense he’s a puppet and his strings are being pulled. But then that’s just my opinion.

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Actually there are plenty of Protestants who are just as horrified by such Christian sects. They tend to dominate on the Christian television channels (but not so much on radio).

Unfortunately elements of this kind of thinking creep into Catholicism in many places.

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