Wow there are a lot of Mormon (LDS) threads and members here

I just had to point this out. I’m sure it will go nowhere but I am just so shocked that I leave for a few months and now there are so many threads and members of the LDS church here. Did I miss something? I welcome all to discuss religion just I am shocked.

Welcome back Patty!
I believe the link to this board was posted on their MADB (can’t remember what it stands for) It used to be the old FAIR board. Probably someone noticed something of interest and alerted others to this board.

in Christ

Hi Steph
I was wondering! It was like WOW when I first came here haha:thumbsup:

Welcome back. You have been gone a long time.

Yes, there’s plenty of us here.

We have our own and now we’re secretly taking over yours, mwahaha.

Whoops ^^;;

You must think that is somewhat funny. It isn’t. I wasn’t rude about you being here why reply in a rude inapproprate way? I think it is iggnorant to think the LDS church is going to take over the world. Have fun trying with 1/5 of the world are Muslims and most overseas baptisms are simpathy baptisms.

I don’t want people to fight over religion. I was just asking and then you make fun. I think it is very childish. Maybe you or anyone won’t agree but I do.

I’m sorry that I offended you but I wasn’t making fun of anyone and I apologize for making you think I was. I made a joke about a message board and it either went over your head or we have extremely different senses of humor which led to you greatly misunderstanding me

Yes, Patty…he was making fun; but not of you or of Catholics or of the Catholic board. If anything, he was reacting in precisely the tone you used to ask. He was attempting to treat it lightly and with an acknowledgment the world’s perception of us.

Frankly, I have seen far more Muslim threads than any other kind, and also frankly, the LDS threads take up a small proportion of the non-Catholic-religion forum. On the first page that I saw, out of 40 topics, 4 were about Mormons–including this one that you began. That you have noticed and commented leads us to believe that there is something about Mormons that rubs your fur the wrong way, and your reaction to his joke confirms that.

His comment was a wry, ironical acknowledgment that others see us as an insidious cult, out to conquer the world in a sort of 'Illuminati" style conspiracy…as is seen by the ‘bwahaha’ (envision melodrama villain twirling mustachios) …and then showing his complete ineptness in ‘giving away’ the dastardly plot–going “oops…”

It was a joke, making fun of ourselves.

In fact, we are very straightforward about our wish to grow. We do not disguise our missionaries; we even plant signs on them. They go out, two by two, in a manner that is as unmistakable as Hari Krishnas used to be in airports–or as nuns in a school . Or rather, as nuns used to be in schools (the last time I went into a local Catholic school, the nuns weren’t dressed any differently than the lay teachers)

So…chill, Patty. When you see Mormons in any other forum but the 'non-Catholic religions" group attempting to take over, argue or be otherwise objectionable, THEN you can get all worried about us…and I"ll come help you herd him or her back to the ghetto.

Other than that?

Do we not belong to a ‘non-Catholic religion?’

If so, isn’t this the place for us to be?

Oh, and…bwahaha…

This guy’s got it right, apart from the fact I don’t think patty was objecting to or unhappy about our presence, she was just expressing surprise over the amount of followers of our religion here now. Apart from that, this fellow has got it spot on.

it’s probably because our Church is so different that people are intrigued. Also there are a couple ex-LDS on here.

I am one of them… an exmormon. I mean no harm in you all being here I was just wondering. Please go ahead and post. I’m not one to go and say you can’t be on a non-catholic religions forum. It is when others (not just LDS) cause problems thats what I don’t like.

Patty, unlike many who have posted answers, I’m going to give you a serious answer.

The real answer is that many poorly-taught Catholics have converted to Mormonism and so Mormons see Catholics, including this Catholic website, as a great place to proselytize. Mormons on this board are farming for converts. Maybe someone told them to, maybe they just decided to do it themselves. No matter what they tell you (and Mormons are known for misdirection and deceit when it comes to conversion) that’s why they’re here. They want more Catholic converts to the heresy of Mormonism.

The sad thing is that all those Catholics that converted to Mormonism, if they actually knew their faith well, would never have changed. Any Catholic that converts to Mormonism (and we’ve seen numerous examples just on this forum) is somewhat, if not totally, ignorant of Catholicism.

yes, you are right! And another thing that makes them want to be LDS is the idea of becoming like God one day…I just dont think that will happen though, but that is just my opinion…

It’s not just your opinion. Genesis tells us that we cannot become gods. Mormonism ignores that the temptation to become a god comes from Satan. The idea that we can become a god was a lie then, it’s still a lie.

I think that eternal marriage, and families lasting for eternity, may be a stronger draw for potential converts than the possibly of becoming a god.

Yea, but when you die, you do not have cliques of families, because everyone is related in the same way. we will all be THE BODY OF CHRIST joined with God for all eternity. You do not want in heaven. You do not have to fear that you will not be apart of your family if your not sealed to them on this earth. God is a loving God. It all boils down to God being our Father, and we are his children. How could families be grouped together since we would all be His children in heaven? I do not think there would be titles…I could be wrong, but I would think that we don’t have to worry about our family ties in heaven. It just doesn’t make since.
*]If you were to die, would you be disappointed if you were in heaven and found out that your family would be all of us, instead of just “your” family you know on earth?

Firstly, I take offense from all of the posts that the two have you have posted. We wish to grow not snare people into what you view as our sinister trap. Intolerance is not the answer, and not everything you disagree with comes from Satan. Sometimes things aren’t evil, or wrong, they’re just different.

MelanieAnne, you can read our minds? I think that truly is an amazing ability for you to know what all of us are thinking even when we’re not thinking it and have never thought it. You speak as if we were spawn of Satan, we are children of god like you. If the spirit of Satan has possessed anyone I would have to say it’s you, coming and preaching intolerance towards us when we just wish to coexist.

Lambofgodgirly, you’re in the same bandwagon as MarieAnne, by the sounds of your post (I am not judging you, simply the message you convey) You’re the one most likely to be unhappy in that situation. If you wish to speak in pure malice about us, then may I please ask you don’t speak about us at all?


You’re making the typical leaps that we’ve seen in the forum before ~ someone makes a statement about theology and someone else takes it as a personal attack and proceeds to attack back. Is it something about your faith that creates that mindset?

You may not like my statements, and I never claimed to be a clairvoyant, but I have a fair amount of experience on this forum and can testify to the accuracy of my statements based on that experience. As a newbie yourself, you might spend some time looking around and getting your footing before making the unfounded accusations you have made.

As for me, you’re going into virtual oblivion immediately. Have a nice life. Bye.

Don’t worry about it, many Fundamentalists speak the same way towards Catholics, but you would think that that would teach some to not speak in the same way against others, such as Latter-day Saints. It’s a victim mentality, which is why we’re “out to convert Catholics! they prey on poor Catholics! they were sent here by someone!” etc. It’s just too hard to think that some of us actually like to discuss religion, and that we’re not all the same. :eek:

I feel the need to defend the faith I belong to. There is nothing but your beliefs to say you are the one who is right. I have no right to talk to you about what Catholicism dictates and whether you’re right or not, please understand you do not have the right to bash another religion. I have made no unfounded accusations, you are the one “mormon-bashing” as it were.

Please do not tell me I am going to hell, because I see reasons to say the same to you, yet I won’t because you are probably a pure, devout and religious person. As such you probably aren’t, so please do not judge us.

@LDSGuy True, I just don’t get why people like MelanieAnne feel the need to condemn everyone. I don’t see how they have the right to judge us for having faith in something that is different from what they have faith in.

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