WOW Worship and WOW Hits CD's

Just wondering if any of you have heard of these? I have gotten these every year since they came out in 1996. They are excellent CD’s that will get you going and make you really think.

I don’t have any other their CDs but I just love their music! I listen to it on Internet radio or youtube.

I get the WOW Hits CD’s…been getting them since the 2005 one. I absolutely love them! They are how I got introduced to some of my now-favorite musicians, like Casting Crowns and Mark Schultz. A year or two ago, I got my younger brother hooked on them as well, and so naturally we were both very excited to get the WOW Hits 2010 a few weeks back. :smiley:

Another way you can listen to a station here in Houston is to go to They offer two streams. One is the Praise and Worship music and the other is the Contemporary Christian music.

Thanks for the link, I’ll add it to my favourites :smiley:

Sure thing. It is a great station and I love their slogan . You see bumper stickers, shirts and billboards with it saying " God Listens"


WOW means World of Warcraft to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously tho … what is this thread about? :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:

A series of complimation CDs and DVDs featuring CCM and Gospel artist/praise leaders. Like a Christian “Now That’s What I Call Music” set.

They are non-Catholic protestant songs.

While some are okay, the amount of heretical teaching in the many of the songs would keep me from spending a dime on them.


Sinner’s prayer

Jesus is my buddy

Jesus is my boyfriend



Symbolic Communion

Have you never listed to protestant music?

Haven’t studied up on the theology, so I won’t comment on them. But I used to get these every year. From 1998 to 2005 (that was middle school until second year in college).

I liked that it gave you a good sample of Christian music, but I always thought they dropped the ball on some of their song selections. Perhaps that could be blamed on licensing issues from the record companies, but it was still inexcusable.

For example, on the “Wow: The 90s” album, which was supposed to be the best of the 1990s, they’ve got two Amy Grant songs, three Steven Curtis Chapman songs, but nothing from Audio Adrenaline (arguably a much more popular Christian act in the 90s than Grant, but they seem to get snubbed by the CCM suits and moustaches), and just one song from Jars of Clay (the great Liquid, which I absolutely LOVE, but no “Flood”).

WOW Gold also did the same, choosing the unbearably bad “Not Ashamed” by the Newsboys as a showcase song.

A collection of the “best” 1990s Christian music that doesn’t include Flood is an empty, empty list.

That said, I haven’t bought one of these collections in years, due to my disdain for most Christian “We all sound the same cause we’re overdoing this praise and worship style” music. Red, Jars of Clay, Crimson Moonlight, Matt Maher and BarlowGirl are a few I find really enjoyable.

Ok…I listen to a lot of Christian music, and I have never heard of these songs. Are these from any of the Wow series?? :confused:

Those were examples of the heretical ideas put forth in much of the popular protestant radio music.

I guess the challenge is here. Pick a WOW disc at random check the lyrics and prove the case.

yes l love these CDs and the music on them.

Jesus is my boyfriend

I’ve NEVER heard a Christian song say “Jesus is my boyfriend” Maybe a Zoe Girls song or Superchick song where they say they need Jesus MORE than a boyfriend but not that He is one.

Are you referring to “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”? I don’t believe thats innauracte. Many good songs by Catholic artists…Matt Marr, Bob Rice, Bob Lefensky, John Michael Talbot, Martin Domin…all refer to Jesus as a lover (or being the way of a lover) at some point.

As far as the other points:

Sinner’s prayer

We all sin, we all need prayer. I love the line from one popular Christian song by Mercy Me “To everyone who’s hurting,/To those who’ve had enough,/To all the undeserving,/That should cover all of us.”

Jesus is my buddy

Jesus is much MORE than our buddy. But as far as a relationship with God, its not a bad place to start.


There is an occasinal song with an OSAS message. But its not explicit and even as Catholics in order to “be saved” in order to go to heaven…we still need a relationship with God. We still must make that decision to follow Him.


I’m not doubting that there are songs about the rapture…but they’re definatly not in the top ones I’ve heard. Even “revelation song” mentions nothing about the rapture.

Symbolic Communion

Yes, I do admit, this often is a mixed bag. However, several popular artists such as the late Rich Mullins sang with the belief that it was non-symbolic. A good number of bands…even popular ones such as Casting Crowns…do Rich Mullins covers and do not edit the implicit meaning that its much more than symbolic out of the song.

Sorry, I am not going to go spend $20 on a CD. I listen to PLENTY of KLOVE, the majority of the songs contain theology that is incomplete or outright contradictory to the Faith.

The charge is that you haved pre-judged without a listen. Simply Protestant lyrics then run and hide. There is no need to buy a disc we are in the computer age you can at random pull up the lyrics of any WOW album at nit pick at your pleasure. Should you accept the challange that is.

I am curious what the objectionable lyrics are which causes you to warn your brothers not to buy WOW.

I wish there could be equal enthusiasm for Catholic Christian musicians as there are for these WOW CD’s, which are primarily sold in fundamentalist/sola scriptura retailers like “Family” Bookstore and Bereans. (Which Catholic defender Steve Ray correctly and politely declines to call “Christian” bookstores.)

Why is that every time I get a link to a Catholic-friendly CCM, the link’s out of date, the podcast is from two years ago, etc., and nothing is ever current? We’re two months away from the year 2010. That means, if someone recommends that I check out a Catholic indie-rock band, my reasonable expectation is that their Myspace page or Facebook page would be current and I have to second-guess if the band’s still around? If I had a quarter for every “Catholic rock band” link I had wasted my time on, only to find out it’s from five or six years ago and no longer current, I’d move to Morocco. Seriously.

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