As some of you may know I am going through some very bad times in my life right now. That’s not the reason for this post though. The last few weeks have been very rough I’ve had problems even picking up my rosary much less praying It. Today however I log onto CAF and I see three different newer posts about the rosary in think someone is trying to tell me something. I’m going to pick up my beads as soon ad I’m done with this post

Excellent. The Rosary is a great weapon against the Evil One.

Prayers offered for you.

Yes… Have been there often.

In these cases if you can just hold the beads - you do very well. You then** are** praying. :signofcross: The Blessed Mother knows this.

There are times when “keeping our mouths shut” before God is a GOOD thing… especially if He is angry. :eek:

Thats great to hear:)

Sometimes I don’t feel like praying the rosary, most of the times because I have other things to do, homework, chores, helping out, etc. Yet I always do my best effort to pray the Rosary before doing any of this things. I find out that I always have time for the Rosary, and it always helps to pray the Rosary. Providence, trust in God that he will clear a path to you.

The Rosary is also the best tool against sin and the evil one.

I will keep prayers for you

Great to read! Also as Arturo points out, I too through Sloth, or “being too busy” have neglected my Rosary and other prayers, then I read this, referring to the “Seven Daily habits of Holy Apostolic people”:

Father McCloskey points out…“You are not losing time, but rather gaining it. I have never met a person who lived them on a daily basis who became a less productive worker as a result, or a worse spouse, or who had less time for his friends, or could no longer grow in his cultural life. Quite the contrary, God always rewards those who put Him first. Our Lord will multiply our time amazingly…”

The habits referred to are:

Morning offering
Mental prayer
Spiritual Reading
Holy Mass and Communion
The Angelus (at noon)
The Holy Rosary
Brief Examination of Conscience (at night)

Taken from the recently released book “Church Militant Field Manual” by Fr Richard Heilman, which I have found simply a simply awesome tool to help my almost non-existent spiritual life.

I will join you in praying the rosary.

God bless

jesus g

I will sometimes pray the rosary when driving or walking. Other times, when busy, I will have it play on my Android Smart Device (there are many “apps” for it).

Almost always do I have my rosary with me :slight_smile:

God Bless!

I’ve been praying the rosary while walking too:)
It makes the walk feel more spiritual and fulfilling

do it!!!

Not only did I pick them up I made it through 10 decades. I got through the sorrowful and the glorious with the help of mother Angelica and her nuns
I also pray while driving I’m a truck driver I have lots of time in the day to pray

Yay, God bless you. You will be in my rosary intentions.

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