Woyld like to be traditional Catholic but

I am gay. I have a partner for 8 years now and we have a baby. I go to church for Jesus not byman’s. I looked into the American Catholic church but they are too liberal. I do not agree with their open communion or female priests. I am conservative in most of my views except for gay rights.I am confused as to where to belong though. I don not feel part of the gay community because of Mr faith but also do not feel part of the religious community because I am gay, Thanks, Blessed is He


I would have to offer you a challenge.
There is only One Church which Jesus Founded. There is only one person who is the Way the Truth and the Life.
There is only one proper understanding of Morality.

Come to the True Church. The Catholic Church.
Read the Catechism. Study for an RCIA programe.

Unfortunately, if you are living in an relationship which is not a Christian Marriage, then you will be impeded from receiving the Sacraments… but that does not stop you from coming to Mass, and learning more about Jesus.

You start your Post with the statement “I am Gay”… why let one aspect of temptation define your person?
You are more than a sexual orientation (Same sex orientated or otherwise),
you are more than a cultural stereotype as ascribed to that orientation as summed up in a modern understanding of the word “Gay”.

You are a Child of God. You are called by Him to be a holy, pure living sacrifice. to come to him in Prayer. to learn about Him and His Will.

You don’t say where you live. Many large cities have catholic outreaches to men with same Sex attraction, and those who self identify as Gay. (please not that while closely linked these are not the same thing). Our Holy Mother Church has issued clear and detailed guidance on pastoral care of people in your situation. this includes the importance of extending to you our Love and Acceptance. - But at the same time I assume you know that any Christian group who are not very liberal and revisionist in their interpretation of the Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, will teach that any sexual relationship which is not within a monogamous, heterosexual Marriage is sinful.

So is a “straight” couple living together without being married, and so is a Couple where one or both have previously been divorced.

The Church is not intended to be a museum or pat on the back club for Saints. She is a Hospital for Sinners. Jesus welcomes all to his table. the adulterer, the prostitute, the swindling tax collector, the leper… He offers his Forgiveness to all, and exhorts us to repent, go forth and Sin no More

Come Home to Christ’s Church. Pray to God. Educate yourself in the Truth that you are a Child of God.
Let Him work in you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in the next steps.

Beautiful post!

I will pray for the OP.

They also are not truly Catholic. They are schismatic, and of late, spouting heresies. Most splinter groups are.

True Christians accept that the bible condemns the homosexual act, but allows the person doing it the chance to stop performing the acts, repent them and return to God’s grace.

anruari - A ‘spot on’ post, that I personally ‘feel’ was routed through you from the Holy Spirit. :thumbsup:

Indeed we all have various crosses to bear and trials to face within our own fallible natures - it is not by looking to ourselves that we will successfully negotiate the minefield of life, but by treading in Jesus’ footprints.

Jesus saith to him: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me”.

Then Jesus said to his disciples: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”.

His disciples say unto him {Jesus]: If the case of a man with his wife be so, it is not expedient to marry. Who {Jesus] said to them: All men take not this word, but they to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs, who were born so from their mother’s womb: and there are eunuchs, who were made so by men: and there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. He that can take, let him take it.

NB - In those times the word ‘eunuch’ included those with same sex attraction/inclination/orientation.

I am a little confused as to your suggestion that the American Catholic Church is too liberal, as we are the same Catholic Church around the world. The liberal viewpoints that you may have heard are probably written or expressed by Catholics who are not in full communion with the Church and her teachings. If you want to come to a complete understanding of the Church I would urge you to meet with a priest and ask some questions or read the CCC. Meeting with a priest would be a little less complicated for most people as the CCC is difficult reading, but some of what you have expressed seems to need clarification to me. I hope you will be able to get the information you need and that it helps you continue to be interested in our faith. God bless your journey.

I agree; how well said!
Prayers for the OP said for discernment.

Mountee, the OP was not referring to the Catholic Church in the U.S., but to a renegade group which still calls itself Catholic but which is not in communion with the Pope. It claims to administer the seven sacraments and claims apostolic succession, but has rejected some of the Church’s teachings. For example, it ordains women, approves of same-sex relationships, and even allows its clergy to have same-sex partners.

Very nicely said. Thank you.

OP, the reason there are so many Christian denominations is because people want God’s Law to suit them.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He established One, Holy and Catholic and Apostolic Church to help us to know, love and serve Him and to be in Heaven for all time.

The Catholic Church teaches what Jesus taught, Blessed is He, and there is but one moral truth, which we must accept and abide by to be one in Him.

You have identified yourself as Catholic – you are where you belong already. If you seek God’s help, He will help you to return to communion with Him.

You need to cease your gay lifestyle. That is what you need to accept, if you truly love God.

I encourage you to check out the Courage apostolate**: couragerc.net/**

I would have to disagree about your saying that the Catholic Church is the same the world over. It is not. I am originally from UK but live in Italy. The UK Church and the Italian Church are both very different,. The UK Church would by the standards of this forum tend to be quite liberal in attitude and in practice. In rural parts of Italy much of the Church, unfortuantely, is mired in superstition. The Italian Church tends to be ultra conservative.

I’m far from an expert, but it occurs to me that you face a similar situation to that faced by early gentile converts to christianity who had been polygamists prior to becoming christians.

Think about it. You live in the ancient Roman empire. You’re 40 years old and have three wives, like most of the rest of your family and friends. It’s normal, nobody questions it morally and things are great for you, except for that always present nagging feeling that life lacks a certain meaning and fullness. Then you encounter Jesus via some of his apostles and your life is utterly changed. You discover who you ARE, why you exist and realize that what is lacking in your life is because your sins that have kept you apart from God. Now you want nothing more than that relationship with God that is now possible because of the Grace of Christ.

But these apostles are insisting on this ludicris idea that you can only have one wife. You love all THREE of your wives. You don’t understand why this is so. It seems unreasonable and an undue hardship and yet it is required to be in relationship with God. You don’t automatically “get” all the revelations Jesus gave his apostles instantly upon repentance and conversion to Christ. Many remain hard to live by or even understand. These ancient polygamist converts had to cease intimate relations with second and third wives and adopt monogamy. They still had to fulfill the obligations to provide for the women they had previously considered wives and their children. And imagine how hard this was on the women!

This was a real and not uncommon dilemma ancient converts often faced. And yet they converted in droves to a faith that asked this brutally hard thing of them. Why? Because Christ is worth the suffering that belonging to Him entails. He changes who you are via Grace. He fulfills what is lacking in your soul the way nothing and nobody else can ever do. He’s worth it. But He does demand actual faith and fidelity. He’s not our butler there to do our command and make our lives comfortable. He is our LORD.

So like those ancient converts, you have a hard choice to make. Jesus didn’t invite people to follow parts of his teachings. He asked us to give ourselves wholly to Him. You already sensed that some of the phony churches are “too liberal” and hold no power for you. They don’t speak to your soul. You can sense that the people there have largely created their own God whose attributes and demands are acceptable to them. Are you going to do the same thing, or worship the real God, regardless of the cost? That’s the hard decision that faces you now. No need to make that decision instantly. Get to know Him and see that the choice is worth it. But you can’t avoid the choice forever. It must be made.

The OP says he has a baby. Would it be possible for him to live with his partner as a brother and raise the child together?

I’d say the principles would be the same as they were for polygamist converts in ancient times. They had to still provide for the women previously considered wives and the children, but I’m not sure if that could occur in the same household. Practical considerations most likely demanded it, but don’t take my word for it. It should be something researchable.

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