Write to the papal nuncio, supporting Archbishop Cordileone

My faithful friends:

The legions of the culture of death are trying to get Archbishop Cordileone removed from his ministry in The Archdiocese of San Francisco, because he supports the Church’s traditional teaching on moral issues. Will you join me in supporting him?

I wrote a very brief, very polite letter to the papal nuncio in Washington, DC, supporting the good Archbishop. Long letters won’t get much attention.

Here is the nuncio’s address:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008-3687.

Your Excellency…

Also, here’s the address for Archbishop Cordileone. He needs encouragement. Let him know we’re praying for him.

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone
One Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA 94109.

Your Excellency…

God bless… - Rob in Oregon

Rob is it possible to get more information on this issue. It might encourage more people to write.

No, I won’t. I’ll pray, but I’m not into letter writing or pet ion sending to the Church. You don’t seriously believe the nuncio is awaiting input from the faithful to decide where they stand on this issue? No, of course not…,they are in full support of the archbishop.

I see no need for a vote of support. Our job, as the faithful, is to follow the policy of the Church not attempt to set or sway it.

Is there a single incidence of Rome ever removing an Ordinary based on “popular demand?” This feels awfully ginned-up.

As I have never heard of him (probably that will apply to many) how can you expect us to say or do anything.

Thanks for the information!

I just mailed my hand-written letter.

The Archbishop’s opponents have now hired a high priced professional hired gun–Sam Singer–to work against the archbishop in this matter. Sam Singer doesn’t work cheap. I wonder who’s paying him. Someone has a pretty powerful interest in keeping Catholic schools in the bay area from becoming too Catholic.

Dear Rob in Oregon,

Thanks for the thread, it is a wonderful one:thumbsup: God bless you!

For people reading this thread without any background information on this Archbishop, I will provide a bit as well as some links. In another post I will provide links on what is going on, why he is under attack.:frowning:

He is what some may call a very orthodox Archbishop. I would just call him CATHOLIC;)

Because he believes & wants to put into practice everything the Church teaches.

He is in what I believe the most liberal city in the country, San Francisco, California. As you may know San Francisco has a very very strong LGBT community with strong supporters.

The schools in his Diocese have children with 2 MALE “parents”, 2 FEMALE “parents” and teachers who believe in this lifestyle & want to promote it in their classrooms:eek:


"Salvatore Joseph Cordileone (born June 5, 1956) is an American prelate of the Roman

Catholic Church and the archbishop of San Francisco, California.

He is notable for his outspoken opposition to same-sex civil marriage and LGBT civil rights

as chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the

Defense of Marriage, and for his willingness to use the extraordinary form of the Roman

Rite of Mass.

A conservative theologian, Cordileone has fluency in reading and speaking English,

Spanish, Italian and Latin.

Salvatore Cordileone was born in San Diego, California, and attended Crawford High School from 1971 to 1974.[4] He then studied at San Diego State University for a year before entering the University of San Diego, from where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 1978.

He then furthered his studies in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University, earning a Bachelor’s in Sacred Theology in 1981.

Returning to the United States, Cordileone was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Leo Thomas Maher on July 9, 1982.[5] He then served as an associate pastor at Saint Martin of Tours Parish in La Mesa until 1985, when he returned to the Gregorian and earned a doctorate in canon law in 1989.[4] Cordileone, upon his return to the Diocese of San Diego, served as secretary to Bishop Robert Brom and a tribunal judge (1989–1990), adjutant judicial vicar (1990–1991), and pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Calexico (1991–1995).[4]

In the summer of 1995, he returned to Rome to work as an assistant at the **SUPREME

TRIBUNAL of the APOSTOLIC SIGNATURA** , the highest judicial body in the

Vatican under the POPE.[4] He was raised to the rank of Chaplain of His Holiness

in 1999.

2002: On July 5, 2002, Cordileone was appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego and Titular Bishop of Natchesium by Pope John Paul II.

2002: He received his episcopal consecration on August 21, 2002 from Bishop Robert H. Brom, with Bishops Raymond Burke and Gilbert Espinosa Chávez serving as co-consecrators.

2009: Cordileone was later named the fourth Bishop of Oakland by Pope Benedict XVI on March 23, 2009.

2009: On September 20, 2009, Cordileone offered a Missa Pontificalis, or Pontifical High Mass, in the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite at Saint Margaret Mary Church in Oakland.

2011: In January 2011, Cordileone was named the **Chairman of the United States

Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee for the DEFENSE of


2012: On July 27, 2012, **Pope Benedict XVI named Cordileone Archbishop of San


More here:

With all due respect, the Archbishop will have to fight this one without me.

I have enough trouble getting up every day, getting my children to school, holding down a full time job and trying to cook, clean and keep two cars running without getting myself involved in some dispute 2200 miles away from where I live.


Dear Origen52,

Here is a bit of what is going on. I will try & post several links, as I am able to.

The LGBT community & its liberal supporters have a **HIRED GUN in SAM

SINGER** who is trying everything under his belt to hurt this Faithful Archbishop;

He already started a SMEAR campaign against him. He wants the Pope to remove him :frowning:

One of the things I read, is that the Archbishop was having a hard time understanding why so many

children leave the Faith as soon as they graduate High School (even though they attend so

called Catholic Schools):hmmm: Could one of the reasons be that the children are not

getting what should be a solid Catholic education??? hmmm

"Archbishop Cordileone is predictably blasted for a commonsense policy.:eek: If you care to

learn how thin our conception of religious liberty has become, look to the Bay Area.

In early February, San Francisco archbishop Salvatore Cordileone released a statement

“regarding the teachings and practice of the Catholic Church,” to be included as of August

1, 2015, in the faculty handbook for the four high schools run by the archdiocese. “We, the

Archdiocesan High Schools,” it reads, “affirm that we are educational institutions of the

Catholic Church, and as such strive to present Catholic doctrine in its fullness, and that we

hold, believe and practice all that the Holy Catholic Church teaches, believes and

proclaims to be true, whether from the natural moral law or by way of revelation from God

through Scripture and Tradition.” Fifteen “affirm and believe” statements follow, which focus

on the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality — its espousal of chastity and the

inviolability of human life, for instance, and its rejection of same-sex marriage — but are

adequately summarized in the first statement: “We affirm and believe in One, Holy,

Catholic and Apostolic Church, and we embrace the teachings about that Church as

enunciated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

But what Cordileone is stressing is that being Catholic is, and should be, all-

encompassing. It gives to one’s entire life structure and meaning and direction that is just

as urgent Monday through Saturday as on Sunday. Our political activities should, wherever

possible, defer to the dictates of religious life. Yet those who would oppose Catholic

schools’ being robustly Catholic are unwilling to engage on this level. Rather, they hew to

cries of “equal rights” and “freedom of conscience,” unwilling or unable to recognize that

their imposition of secular dogma on the religious liberty of Cordileone and his flock is, in

fact, the only intolerance in this situation."

Read more at: nationalreview.com/article/414589/calling-big-guns-fire-san-francisco-archdiocese-anne-b-hendershott?fb_action_ids=10153001480935129

Thanks for the. Update, Megan. I will certainly keep the archbishop in my prayers. As I live in Canada, well outside his area, I don’t think a letter from me would do much good. I have posted a comment on the situation on a media site and appreciate hearing about this.

I have another question, if you care to answer. Why are people worried he might be removed from his position? It doesn’t seem as if he’s acted against church laws.


Dear Windmill,

Thank you & God bless. May Our Lord reward you for your efforts:thumbsup::blessyou:

If you have children, know children in your family losing the Faith, have God children, nieces, nephews, etc. If you care about children, our future, the future of Catholic education.
Then, this is something that should concern you. It will not stop in San Francisco. The Archbishop is very wise, he can see the writing on the wall, especially with the rulings coming out this summer. This could end up hurting schools across the country, if the Archbishop is removed, or if he is told to back down, cave in, etc.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is in for a tough fight. Practicing Catholics in the area, are scared of coming forward in his support, in fear of a backlash in their jobs, retaliation, etc. :frowning:

"Catholic sexual teaching, and Archbishop Cordileone’s insistence upon it, annoys a great

many people in San Francisco. Among the annoyed is Mark Farrell of the board of

supervisors, which is what San Francisco calls its city council."

Archbishop Cordileone,

"What is a Catholic school? and offered an answer: A Catholic school is a school that

embodies and promotes the vision of the Catholic Church. He thinks that students at

Catholic schools should be educated in the Catholic faith, and he thinks that teachers who

adhere to that faith are best suited to that task. (He acknowledges that Catholic schools

can have non-Catholic teachers; he simply calls for them not to violate the Church’s

teachings, publicly or privately.)

"Other U.S. dioceses face similar battles in their K–12 schools. What happens in San

Francisco is happening elsewhere, and the foe is formidable. SINGER is NOT working for FREE.

Parents of pupils in San Francisco’s Catholic schools are not able to buy the kind of

“services” he sells. The war against the archdiocese is being funded by sources with much

more to gain than a clause in a faculty policy manual."


Dear Origen52,

Thanks for your post & questions. God bless you this Lent season. I will be answering your post in a more detailed manner later on.

You are right, he has NOT acted against Church laws.

But, there is a lot of evil out there. People do not like what he stands for. The LGBTQ groups have deep pockets, influences, power, etc. Supposedly, they are a small % of the population, but they control a lot of aspects in our lives. People are caving in…:o

They are going after him in every possible way. Actually, a letter from you might do a lot of good. It shows that people from all over the world care. A letter to His Excellency, as well as to the Papal Nuncio. Remember that often events taking place in other parts, often wash up on our shores (I had a College professor use that example a lot;) )

Thanks for your prayers:thumbsup:


To be continued…

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