Writing a book about Christianity

I am writing a book that–forgive me for sounding boastful–will, hopefully, put a large dent within rebellion against God. I want the book to make as big an impact as possible.

The main points: (1) Nihilism does not really matter, by its very nature (2) Any philosophy without eternal life and free will is a nihilistic philosophy (3) Atheism may be reasonably dismissed (4) the nature of sentient and non-sentient existence points towards Christianity, and (5) Satan was the first nihilist.

But I have no knowledge of the world of book publication and things like that. I would like any advice on how I should go about getting my book published and how to reach a large demographic.


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I HIGHLY recommend self-publishing! I’m not on my laptop right now, but if you remind me, I’ll send you the PERFECT site! God bless you on your writing journey!

Friend, your book is already boring me. And I’m not even living in rebellion against God. So if me, a very devout Catholic, can barely get through the synopsis how is a nominal or lapsed Catholic supposed to ever read the book? Because one would have to read it in order to be so moved by it to turn away from their rebellion. Did God call you to write this book or did you just come up with it in your own?

Peace be with you -


Pax Christi!

Following this and very interested!

God bless.

Well, personal tastes differ, I suppose. :wink:

I plan on having a children’s section of the book, as well as a part of the book that will mostly be pictures. (Not joking.)

By the way, if you think my book is boring, try reading Camus’ The Rebel.

Peace and God’s blessings.

How does one “dismiss” Atheism?

Atheism is not believing a God exists.
How do you dismiss a not-believing? How do you dismiss a dismissing?

It’s like using two negatives in a sentence.

PS–there are several Christian book publishers you can check out online and send them a book proposal.


Atheism is the denial of God’s existence. (Mere non-belief would be some form of non-theism.) Unless you use the modern, twisted definition of “lack of belief.” I’m not going to down that road in this thread.

Well said. I like you very much. How pleasing to come across someone in this forum who can handle themselves without being overcome in offense. Good for you and thanks be to the Good God who leads us.

Peace be fully unto your soul -


This is kind of the second nail in your literary coffin. Another might be your very relevant lack of understanding and appreciation of Camus. I can tell you off the bat that no one of my atheist, agnostic, or fallen away friends would give your book more than a big ho-hum and sigh of disappointment, if they glance at it at all, given your synopsis of it in the two post about it. Not one of the points your raise are of interest save to your own choir. Preach to them if you wish, but do some research on similar attempts. You might save yourself a lot of money, and more importantly, grief. I am completely amazed that so many on here believe that what they take on faith has any relevance whatsoever in the life, or thinking, of someone otherwise convinced or not already a confirmed believer. And that is just unfortunately naive. All such attempts as your book, as my friends have told me, only confirm their lack of interest. But those already on board with you might get a boot out of it, if they haven’t read other more erudite works on those topics. Bon chance!

Okay? :thumbsup:

My book will show that without free will, everything is futile, for nothing can change. Without eternal life, everything is futile, for all value will sink.

Atheism is, therefore, nihilistic. As much as an atheist or a nihilist hates the word “nihilism,” that’s what it is. Period.


Well, for the vast majority of people, free will is a given, so so what?

And what is your understanding of “eternal?” Are you one of these who mistakenly believe that eternality has a component of duration? What is your “definition” of eternal in your context?

Further, some of the atheists I know are far more ethical than any of the religious I’m acquainted with–and not out of fear, but out of total respect for the phenomenon of Life. There is no loss of value there, only the unprovable perception by religious folks that it isn’t correctly attributed. And they wouldn’t “hate” the word “nihilist,” they would just laugh and keep walking. Why am I getting the feeling that you are kind of inexperienced in dealing with people?? I don’t know… maybe you are trying to convince yourself of something?

I mean, consider your audience: it will not be the people whom you think you might wish to convince of anything. Your ideas simply don’t apply in that world. Your premises have already been rejected and have died there from disinterest. So you are back to preaching to your own small choir and yourself. And since there is already, sort of, agreement there, what’s the point? you might far better explore why you believe that stuff, true or not.

That would be worthwhile and productive, if you are up to it. Have you ever really done a deep inquiry in to how and why you believe the way you do, using such tools as epistemology, general semantics, comparative religious studies, phenomenology, self inquiry, deep meditation and a whole slue of other disciplines? You might find that you are not yet even on square 1. But I do admire and encourage what you are doing! You can’t help but learn, even if you are, as it might seem, not open to that.

I agree that atheists can be more ethical than religious people. It doesn’t prove atheism nor theism. Keep in mind, that especially in the United States, a lot of people claim to be “Christians” but then seem to have no idea of what Christianity entails. One looks around the country and finds so-called Christians using birth control, having premarital intercourse, watching stupid television shows all day, not educating themselves (1 Peter 3:15 – Christians should educate themselves!), smoking marijuana, and whatever else.

Without eternal values, “ethical” can mean whatever the finite being wants it to mean. Ultimately, the word would be of no value if there is no free will and eternal consciousness.

Anyone can claim to be an atheist. Anyone can claim to be a Christian. It doesn’t entail that one actually is a Christian or an atheist, or whatever else. Just as Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, a non-Christian may disguise himself as a Christian in order to take advantage of others. (This will be in the book.)

Eternal means forever. In the case of God, it means that he did come not into existence. He is without beginning and without end. | Every yester-time had an after-time. Remember? :wink:

I freely admit that I am trying to convince people of something. As Christians, we are supposed to spread the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

No one ever convinced anyone of anything. Good luck.

Self publishing is an option, but, as I understand it, it is harder to reach a large amount of people with it. If you can actually get a deal with a publisher, your book will be promoted and more likely to have people buy it. While some self published books sell amazingly and some with publishers are complete failures, I believe this to be the general case. If you look up some literary agents you can probably find some who focus on this particular genre. Send it to a few agents because it’s easier to publish if you get one. If that doesn’t work, a good amount of publishers take unagented submissions. And if all else fails but you truly believe you have a good book that will sell, self publish and self promote it. I know of an author who went that route, had his book become incredibly popular, got picked up by an actual publisher, and became a best seller.

All the good seeds count. Some will sprout.

And you may learn a lot not only about the subject, but also gain knowledge for your next book as well. We all get better with practice and we have to start somewhere.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

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