Writing a Book

I’m going to write a book, it will cover as much of Catholicism as I can. I am wondering what questions you guys want answers to (So I know where to direct my research and so I answer questions that the everyday person has).

I know, I know . . . There are a bunch of books like these on Catholicism out there, but, I’ve had a bunch of pent up thoughts on certain subjects regarding things that a typical Catholic family has, such as: Birth control, Teenage relationships (Boyfriend | Girlfriend), and the dangerous things that come with pornography :takethat: :dts:. Controversial? Very. I will try to attack these things with a generic Catholic point of view, but, forgive me if I become opinionated . . .

If all goes well and I get enough answers in the next couple weeks, I will have the book finished and (at least) on Kindle by October :signofcross:.

Is this about Catholic living, like trying to survive in today’s Godless world? Or more like Catholic history? What exactly is the genre? Kudos to you. I’ve been wanting to write a book, but taking that first step has been paralyzing. :frowning:

Catholic living :slight_smile:

I’ve learnt from a great theologian that, if you got an idea right it down!

Well, I’m a young unmarried Catholic who is discerning marriage and I would most want to read about Catholic dating relationships and perhaps how to maintain a fulfilling marriage for your spouse.

“how to maintain a fulfilling marriage for your spouse”

Off the top of my head.

Be kind.

Always say please and thank you. Yes always.

Have some fun. Laugh.

Never, never tell the world via the net or any other way that your wife can’t have an orgasm.:eek:

Pray together.


All this, and most importantly–COMMUNICATE!


LOL tell hubby that.

He listens good.


How to keep your mind, heart and eyes on God as well as emanate the spirit of Christ in a world that doesn’t care, has different values and ethics while remaining an inspiration and model to others in the modern world and workplace.


Have you received Jesus Love, Wisdom, Guidance and permission first? I would be asking while praying The Holy Rosary (twice daily if you can asking for World Peace at the same time) to Jesus and Mother Mary before you commence, asking for His input if He gives the green light!

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