Writing in Bibles?


So I’m going to be using the Bible as a text in one of my upcoming classes for which I will be needing notes and such. Here’s my question: assuming it is not some frankensteined copy of the Bible, is it permitted to do things like underline, make notes in margins, etc. or is that disrespectful or a potential cause for scandal? I could see reasons for yes and no, so I’m just wondering if there is anything the Church has to say or, if She says nothing, what y’alls opinions are.


Many people do write in their personal bibles–as long as you don’t do it with malice, I don’t see a problem.


As long as the notes are respectful of the sacred nature of the text, I don’t see how there would be any problem. Keep in mind that you might want to identify one Bible of yours as a “study Bible” that you can mark up, and perhaps another one as a “good Bible” that you keep pristine, for purposes of Lectio Divina, lending or showing to friends, witnessing to unbelievers.


As long as it is your Bible you can whatever you please !


Oh yeah.


I teach CCD and my “classroom Bible” is well highlighted!


In the Protestant faith I grew up in I learned to highlight and underline things and to also write in my Bible. When I studied Catholicism, I did the same thing. I don’t see anything at all wrong with it.


I never, ever write in any book. Never have, never will. If I have to take notes, I use a separate piece of paper. Old habit are hard to break. It’s one of those things I learned in kindergarten.


I dislike writing in books of any variety. I also don’t dog ear pages. Not much of an issue for me now that I use an e-reader, although I do e-highlight in it… hmmmmm:rolleyes:


It is *your *bible, right?

You own it?

If so, it is up to you what you do with it. The Church doesn’t have rules about it.

They make bible pens and highlighters, You might want to check into getting one.


I used to be the same way until college. Now, I underline with color coded pens, write in margins, make notes of questions. Some texts I read look like warzones between paper and ink.:smiley:


i know that many people do write in their Bibles. I was born in the 1950’s and as of yet, I have not written in any of my Bibles. I believe I bought some highlighters at one time intending to highlight and write in a particular Bible, but I haven’t done it. I guess I still see the Bible as sacred and want to keep it pristine. I have a notebook that I keep notes in from the Bible. maybe some day…

I think it is up to the individual. sometimes I have seen Bibles that are so highlighted and marked up that I don’t know how anyone can read the words anymore, but to each his own I guess.


:wink: Snerk! I had to chuckle at the thought of a “bible highlighter”–what, do they come with a special blessing? Is it a fault if you use it on a secular textbook?

But I do agree–it’s your bible. As long as you treat it with respect, the Church has no particular rules or qualms about it. And, even if you would treat it disrespectfully, how would anyone know?


They are gel highlighters and gel pens. They will not bleed through and will not damage fine parchment paper like other highlighters and pens will.

Personally, I don’t write in my better bibles - the ones with gilded edges and parchment paper or the more expensive hardcover ones. Paperback bibles are the only ones I write in but that’s just me.


:slight_smile: I’m just the opposite. If I haven’t underlined or written in the margin of a book I own, it means I never came across something new and/or interesting. You’d no doubt be appalled at the condition of my Bibles!! Best is when I come across OT passages that can be seen as types of the NT - connections that are not noted in the Bible cross references or footnotes.


Every 5 years or so I need a new Bible: platytera.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-cheap-bible.html


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