Writing Posts on mobile


Is there a way to remove/dismiss the disclaimer? On mobile it covers up the ‘New Topic’ or ‘reply’ buttons. The workaround is to use the desktop site, which is a pain to use on a small screen due to scaling issues.
Tested on Firefox on Android 8.1 and LineageOS ( an Android variant) v9.0



I would suggest private messaging the moderators


Unfortunately there is a glitch with the dark theme that means you can’t make the disclaimer smaller. If you change theme, you should be able to.


The dark theme is hopeless on my mobile. I am able to use it most of the time on my laptop in Chrome, though I have to switch to default white to get the “New Topic” button to show up.
On my mobile, forget it. I’m stuck with the default theme as the others have glitches like what you described and are unusable.


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