Writing "Sermons"

Right. Hello.

I have been in the habit of, every so often, usually like once a week, writing a “sermon” on the saint or the Gospel for the day. I am discerning the Priesthood and I am in the process of applying for college seminary.

Now, my fear is that this may lead to spiritual pride or just have unintended consequences. I do have a Spiritual Director and I meet often with the Vocational Director of the Archdiocese. Regardless, I think the good folks at CAF may be able to put my mind at ease. I enjoy writing them, and I write them in a way as if I was to present it to a Congregation. Some times, I even say it out loud and pretend that I am preaching at the Pulpit. I feel it would be cool to save them and maybe use them if, by God’s Grace, I am to be ordained. I have yet to tell anyone or show them to anyone yet.

So, what do you all think? Should I continue to do this, or perhaps stop? It seems like a small issue, but all big things were small things once.

Keep writing. Writing is a means of contemplating the word. Call it anything, call it a sermon. It doesn’t matter. We, the laity, can write and preach “sermons” all we want. Only the ordained can say a homily as part of a Mass.

There’s really no harm that I see. What you’re actually doing is journaling. All writers do it, and not all the priests that I’ve known keep formal journals so this is a good habit to start now. If you’re accepted to the seminary and proceed to ordination (8 years from now :eek:) you will have lived a lot more of life, and more importantly you will have finished your BA (with a required minor in Philosophy) and your M Div, and be so much more knowledgable. Your notebooks might be a good “letter to my self” someday, and you could chart your progress by the growth of your understanding.

This is true, I don’t keep an actual journal though, I should. This could be beneficial. The last one I wrote was two days ago on Saint Vincent de Paul, it was two pages. I haven’t typed any of them up yet cause I haven’t been terribly serious about them (though I am serious in the writing of them). Most vary between two pages and four. I suppose you were write about it potentially serving as a “letter to myself”, even if God’s Will isn’t that I am to be Ordained!

Thank you for your response.

I suppose what I was worried about was if I get my hopes to high or that I develop a sort of spiritual pride.

The fact that you’re worried about spiritual pride makes me believe that you are not suffering from sprititual pride. It is very healthy to *always *guard against spiritual pride, however.

Even though you’re not keeping a *physical *journal, this practice of yours is technically journaling. After you’ve written these “sermons” where do you keep them? A folder? If that’s the case, then the folder becomes an ersatz journal.

If you’re writing these sermons and just tossing them away when you’re done, then you’re following the Fulton J. Sheen style of speech writing. (*Those Mysterious Priests *I believe was where I read that. He said something like “If you’re going to give a speech about anything, write down everything you know about the subject and then throw the paper away.” I assume he was encouraging “internalizing” your topic so that you could speak more extemporaneously at your speaking engagement). Forgive the tangent.

Tangents are welcomed! To answer your question, I do keep them in a folder. No use in letting good ink go to waste (I have been practicing my handwriting with a fountain pen, thus the ink should be used conservatively). I feel that it would be good to go back to them and consult them, or perhaps even to record them.

Again, thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

Keep it up and save them.:thumbsup:

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