Writing to the local JWs about their dirty tactic

Last week, I was visited by an older JW lady; I detailed it in an earlier post in the Apologetics forum here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=266997
Anyway, the more I think about it, the more upset I get that this woman–and, it would reason, others like her who are proselytizing–is using a horrible bus crash that killed four students last year just outside of Cottonwood, Minnesota.

This crash made national headlines and happened only 20 minutes from me. Almost everyone in our small rural area either knew the students, knew their parents, or knew someone who knew them. To say that this tragedy affected literally EVERYONE in my community is a huge understatement–a tragedy that many of us are grappling with every single day, and will for quite some time to come. It truly was beyond imagination.

So, this JW woman, as part of her spiel, used these four kids who died as examples of what JWs believe. I think that’s just unconscionable. The fact that our local JWs likely saw this as an “evangelizing opportunity” speaks to the opportunistic dregs that someone can stoop, as evidenced by this woman’s words to me.

The more I think about it, the more I’d like to write our local JW house (church, meeting place, whatever it’s called) and tell them just how much I think their current tactic is dirty pool. Believe what you want, say what you want when you’re evangelizing–but don’t pervert a tremendous community tragedy for your own purposes, for the love of all that’s decent.

Do you think writing such a letter would make a difference?

I don’t know if it would make a difference, but if you feel it is important, you should definitely write a letter. Maybe it will make some of them think before using a tragedy as a tool. A well written letter can sometimes work wonders.

Praise God!

I would also write to the local paper as well, this will then generate a lot of interest and will hopefully get a voice behind it and they will stop this practice.
I pray your letter will be heard by many and they stop this disgusting way of spreading their faith.

Look at it from her view point. She gets a guilt trip all the time from people who make and break her self-esteem and acceptance in her community, that she’s not winning enough people and it’s because she doesn’t try hard enough. She thinks she’s dragging people out of a burning building. She thinks the crash is an example of several she could have reached if she had hurried but that it’s too late now. To her, what she said wasn’t dirty and tactless, but a desperate attempt to get you to see the urgency of her life-and-death message. The very fact that it was so devastating sounds to her like an obvious reason it would be absurd not to mention it in connection with her desire to make you one of the ones who live forever. She doesn’t want to be responsible for letting you slip away too. If the world ended or anything happened to you she would feel like she left you in a burning building. Her action makes absolute sense within her belief.
As in all situations where someone’s beliefs lead to actions that disturb you, you need to address their beliefs. Door-to-door evangelists don’t see themselves as rude any more than paramedics and firefighters do.

Coincidentally my uncle is a JW and a paramedic.

I give them credit for facing all that rejection, even if their doctrine is off. Most I know are sincerely trying to help.

The main thing I have against them is most need to stick to their scripts and conversation is one-sided, it throws them off to deviate. Otherwise I’d invite them in more for discussion and debate.

Going to disagree with you here, Brother. (Sister? sorry :o ) I can understand your point, and thank you for stating it so clearly. I’m going to disagree because, if it were me (and praise our Eucharistic Jesus it’s not), I’d no more go up to someone and use their miscarriage, spouse/relative who died of cancer or whatever to prove my point of belief. Does that make sense?

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