Writings of Maximilian Kolbe

I assume St. Maximilian Kolbe wrote a fair amount.

Does anyone know of any of his Marian or Anti-Nazi writings online?

Google something like Militia Immaculata and you’ll find the 9 day consecration to Mary he wrote. I used it last year.

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Okay, thank you.

Do you, or anyone else, for that matter, know the source of the story of Mary appearing to him as a child, holding the crowns of purity and martyrdom?

Yes, there’s a medal of him showing that scene and it’s in a lot of his bios

Yes, but none of them cite a source.

I’m not saying that they’re lying, but I’d prefer to have the primary source- The two books I have in front of me are those paperback, 50ish page, 6th grade reading level lives of the saints type books. I’m writing an academic presentation haha

Catholic Culture cites a source by Frossard, who was pretty renowned as a journalist

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