Are there any Church writings on spiritual direction?

This is a pretty wide open area…One could easily say that ALL the Church’s writings are on spiritual direction.
Could you perhaps clarify what you are looking for?


"[1.3] This brings us to the root meaning of spiritual direction.:]

[1.3.1] It is a continuous process of formation and guidance,
[1.3.2] in which a Christian is led and encouraged in his special vocation,
[1.3.3] so that by faithful correspondence to the graces of the Holy Spirit he may attain to the particular end of his vocation
[1.3.4] and to union with God."

OK…Based upon this - there are a great number of writings on “spiritual direction” in the Church.
The book in my signature is a fine volume that distills the writings of a number of the “Mystical” Doctors of the Church into a wonderfully easy to read and understand path to fulfillment in God.
From there of course you can pick up on more of the writings by the individual “contributors” each of whom had extensive writings.

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?


I am searching for documents/writings from the Vatican

Oh - OK… hmmm…I really can’t think if anything specific. perhaps some of the writings of JP II would fit with what you are looking for…

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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