Wrong to own this cross?


I’ve noticed all Catholic crosses have Jesus on them, is it wrong for me to own one that does’nt? Ive had it for years from back when I joined the UMC the pastor gave us all one and Its been something I hold dear for a long time,


No, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

However, it’s highly recommended to have at least 1 crucifix (with Christ on the cross) in a prominent place in the home as well.


It would likely be a prominent place in my room, Im the only person who is converting


well, lol… you do what you can do and you can’t be asked to do more friend.


No, you can wear a cross (that is the cross without the corpus). But you should have crucifix (that is the cross with the corpus) in your home. As Catholics we wear a crucifix as opposed to a cross to remind us that Christ suffered and died for our salvation. God bless.


In many Orders, the Sisters or Brothers will use a bare cross in their cell or as a part of their habit to symbolize the fact that they themselves must be the corpus on that cross, united to Christ’s passion.


No it is not wrong. I have both in my home.


Note that plains crosses do not usually have any nail holes of blood; they have not yet born a body. As you note, they are waiting for us.

For our RCIA retreat I used to set up a crucifix and a cross side by side to remind us of our need to do penance. Each participant was given a plain cross to wear throughout lent.


Plain crosses and more elaborate crucifixes are both common symbols of the Catholic faith. Crucifixes bearing the image of a suffering Jesus have only been common among Catholics for about 1000 years, while plain crosses have a much longer Catholic history.

Some non-Catholic Christians wrongly consider a crucifix a violation of the Commandment against making and worshiping graven images. If you are living with such people, out of consideration of their weak consciences, a plain cross might actually be the more loving choice. See 1 Corinthians 8:1-13.


My family would’nt object In hind sight to displaying a Crucifix, quite frankly when I told my dad I was gonna become Catholic he told me he is fine with me going wherever so long as it is a Christian church


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