Wrong to use/shop or not? (would appreciate a priest's answer, also open to forum members)

So apparently J.C penneys support gay marriage.

In Ireland, we have “Primark” known as Penneys. They are apparently the Irish/English version of the americian one.

Although apparently J.C penneys support gay marriage including advertisements etc. I have never heard of the Irish one doing so, or the English. They don’t advertise like that, don’t make t-shirts with that etc.

I suppose I’m already answering my question, but is it not sinful to shop at the Irish Penneys/Primark? They’re cheap enough and were not rich. Also, to what I know, they’ve never been known to support this. I’ve never heard this of the Irish one or English one.

So is it fine to buy clothes from penneys in Ireland? Is it not immoral or sinful?

Most of mine and my family’s clothes come from there. They also sell Christmas things.

I have never known the Irish and English penneys and primark to do anything like that.

We never went to JC penneys.

I’m trying to be less scrupulous, not worse.

I’d really appreciate if a priest was to answer this.
Whether I can shop/wear clothes/buy clothes in the english/Irish penneys/primark store?
If a company/store/organisation etc supports something against Catholic belief, eg. gay marriage etc. even if we do not agree with this or are buying because of this, are we sinning or being immoral by buying or using these things?

God Bless

In this day and age, it is virtually impossible to boycott every merchant or manufacturer that does something someone finds offensive. I don’t think that shopping at Primark necessarily means you are endorsing, advocating, or tacitly approving gay marriage.

Now, if you made it a point to shop there BECAUSE they support gay marriage, then that would be a different matter.

My :twocents:

Thanks. I’m not even sure that it’s primark. I just read of JC Penneys and I only just read of it. New to me.

God Bless

Just my own choice, I have made it a point to avoid shopping at Penney’s in the U.S. if I can and that’s not been too difficult although I did have things I used to go to them for.

Target is a harder one - they have a gay wedding registry and this bugs me and before I knew about it I was enjoying shopping at Target because often it was less hectic than Wal-Mart - and I don’t like Wal-Mart’s policies and practices on a lot of things . . .

It gets quite confusing . . . :hypno:

I live in Ireland. So I don’t know much about Wal-Mart or Target or JC Penneys. All I know about is “Penneys/Primark” in Ireland and England kinda. Never seen anything like that there but any clothes etc I find offensive I wouldn’t bother buying or wearing. They’re cheap and there’s a big one in the small enough town I live in so most of my clothes come from there. That’s why I was confused. Never knew anything about something like this in an apparent American version, all I know is that the Penneys where I am has nothing to do with that. I suppose a lot of people would be looking at it from a JC Penneys point of view, but I’d say they’re very different.
A lot of shops sell things I don’t condone, or wouldn’t like buying or disagree with etc. But I’m avoiding those parts and wouldn’t buy something bad

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