What to do if someone does something to you thats wrong, but when you go to forgive them they are like WHATTTT!!!. Then they say I did not do anything to you, when they did.

I would think if you forgive them in your heart that’s all that is needed. Unfortunately, we can’t control how other people respond to us.

As Jesus before Pilate, suffer in silence.

Well, they’re a jerk, but you still did the right thing.

Don’t toot your own horn when you go out to forgive them. Do it in the silence of your heart and the darkness of your own prayer corner, as Scripture tells us to do. Check out the Sermon on the Mount. Great advice. :smiley:

Also, they may truly believe or be unaware that they did something to offend you, or perhaps you were offended where most people would not be (some people are more sensitive to things than others). Give them the benefit of the doubt.

I find that some people cannot admit they are wrong and go through mental contortions to prove they are right or “just made a mistake.” My advice: if you forgive someone don’t announce it to them. Also you can forgive someone but still hold them accountable. I hope I am making sense.

No one did that to me Im just wondering so I know what to do if that situation comes up.

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