WSJ running a poll on clerical celibacy

Father Z points out that the Wall Street Journal is running a poll on “Should the Vatican drop mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests?”

It wasn’t good when Father Z did his post, but probably due to that, it is now (at the time of this post) 74.6% no and 25.4% yes.

Cast your vote here.

Wall STreet Journal poll??? Why legitimize this ridiculous poll question? As if the church will take it into consideration???:banghead:

[quote="Sherry_G, post:2, topic:213800"]
Wall STreet Journal poll???? Why legitimize this ridiculous poll question? As if the church will take it into consideration?????:banghead:


To Father Z's post I responded:

What interest does the Wall Street Journal have in running this poll? Of course, it is completely unscientific so of no merit on that basis alone.

Secondly, without demographics to correlate it to, what possible use would it be? Catholics will not care much what non-Catholics think the Church should do., in essence I agree with you!

HOWEVER, I suspect the WSJ is running this precisely because they think the numbers will overwhelmingly oppose celibacy and hope (in their minds anyway) to embarrass the Church. I recognize my suspicion could be wrong, but with the MSM's track record of attacking the Church at every turn, not unjustified.

I don't think we legitimize this "poll" by responding and not allowing their non-Catholic readers from reaching a hoped for result in something that is none of their business.

At this writing, the numbers are 84.5% no and 15.5% yes (which I interpret as many Catholics responding).


Let`s hope it continues to get egg on its face.

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