WWE stays classy


Release date, Tuesday after Easter…of course.

I can’t say I like the title “King of Kings”

At least they aren’t as bad as the History Channel. They played Banned From The Bible during the middle of Easter yesterday.

That’s what I was getting at. The whole thing seemed like they were making the character to resemeble Christ and using the title “King of Kings”.


So don’t watch The History Channel on Easter.

Their not, it’s simply a nickname that means he is the king of wrestling. No biggy.


I don’t. My sister (who’s an Atheist) informed me of it.

Have you looked at the picture on the link?

I’m just saying it seems poor taste to complain about a television channel broadcasting programs that don’t mesh with your religion, as if the airwaves belong to Christianity.

I guess it wouldn’t be a problem then if they played The False Prophet: Muhammad on Mawlid an-Nabī or The Holocaust Hoax during Passover.

Absolutely correct.

I guess the compassion gene skipped a generation.

How insulting, both towards fair mindedness and personally.

As if the national airwaves need to suspend programming that appeals to atheists just so a particular denomination won’t have to deal with having to flip a channel.

So Atheists are appealed to anti-religious lies and propaganda? How pathetic.

It’s one thing to air religious shows that conflict with other religions, or that other religions don’t agree with. But they purposely aired a documentary filled with lies and distortions on our holiest day of the year. It was a blatant attack on Christianity.

If it’s a problem with one particular program (which I am unfamiliar with) I could understand. But it seems to me that the implication behind the complaint is ‘how dare they air programming that directly contradicts our beliefs on Easter’, which would be absurd.

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