WWE Wrestler Joe Anoa'i known as Roman Reigns has leukemia again


He was diagnosed at 22 years of age eleven years ago. He announced at the wrestling match tonight that he is dropping out because his cancer has returned and he needs to go home to concentrate on treatment and taking care of himself and his family. He said he has Faith. He is 33 years old . He is a cousin of the wrestler “The rock” Dwayne Johnson.

St. Peregrine PLEASE intercede on this young man’s behalf. May he receive complete and speedy healing of his cancer and be able to continue to take care of his wife and children.

I lost a brother to Leukemia when he was 15 and I was 8. It’s been a void my entire life. Our 32 year old son is in remission right now from cancer he got at 30. I’ve also lost MANY MANY close family members to different types of cancer. It’s a horrible disease and it affects the entire family when one family member gets it.

Just wanted to share about Joe and ask that you pray for him.


I saw this on Facebook and RAW last night. Roman Reigns is my favorite wrestler and I loved his commercials on being a dad (where he played “I’m a little teapot” with his daughter.) I had no idea this is his second bout with leukemia. He and his family (which also includes the Usos) are in my prayers, especially his wife and daughter.

You can beat this, Joe/Roman! BELIEVE THAT!


Prayers out for Roman Reigns.

So apparently its true.

I saw that last night as well, however with the WWE, you never know for sure if its just part of the storyline.


Smarks don’t like his wrestling persona but they are sad for him right now. I think WWE messed up his potential storylines but this thing is more important for him to focus on 100% & it’s a difficult journey. I hope he beat this & his family get to have him for many years to come…



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