Hi Gang:

I thought I would let you guys know that I put up a website with the url: www.catholicxjw.com

The goal is to make it a resource for those of you who are dialoguing with your Jehovah’s Witness friends and relatives. It will also hopefully become a resource for former Jehovah’s Witnesses who might be interested in learning about the Catholic Church.

In any case, I have put some content on there and hope to be adding more in the future.

Please visit and give me some feedback.

Jeff Schwehm

P.S. I am scheduled to be on the February 7th edition of The Journey Home on EWTN. Please watch and call in with lots of good questions since it is an open-line show.

looks good

God Bless you on your mission. I’ll tune in to see you shine with the graces of the Holy Spirit.

May this website information be fruitful in leading people to the truth.


It just so happens a had a horrible falling-out with one of my JW friends yesterday morning. Then it was lunch-time and she IM’d me after lunch to tell me that during lunch she had prayed for a way to talk to me about our differences without making things worse. It just so happens that I did too! I pray for her conversion at every mass. She would make an excellent Catholic and I have told her so, to her horror! Haha!

YOU are an answer to my prayers about this. We have been friends about 6 years and we always side-step the religion issue whenever possible. But there are always times when we both cannot contain ourselves any longer. It always seems we both get angry. But yesterday afternoon as we continued to talk, we talked about our differences in a loving way. I cannot wait to see your story on EWTN!

Thank you again for your website!


Wow! :thumbsup: Jeff - look for an email from me.

Hi Net… I sent you a PM. Keep in touch.


You can email me at jschwehm@catholicxjw.com if you wish and I can coach you in your dialogue with your friend if you like.

Also, never underestimate the power of your prayer. I will prayer for her too in my daily mass intentions as well.

God bless.

Jeff Schwehm

Hi All:

A fellow ex-JW now Catholic friend of mine sent me some good articles on the JWs…Check out the articles

Is Jesus Yahweh


at www.catholicxjw.com


Jeff Schwehm

For those of you who are interested:

I just listened to an archived Catholic Answers Radio Show where they interviewed a former Jehovah’s Witness Elder named John Davis who is now Catholic.

I put this interview on my conversions section of www.catholicxjw.com

Many of you might enjoy this interview.

Jeff Schwehm

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