Father Carlos Martins, CC presented a most moving lesson on Relics of the Saints and and how they became a gift of the Church to assist us on our path to choose to be a Saint. As a packed church sat in attentive silence to hear every word Father said. He explained in detail the process for items to be declared relics. There were 6 relics - most treasured - a small piece of the True Cross that St. Helen found; next a sliver from the Crown of Thorns, and a Shard of iron shaved from the Lance that pierced Jesus’s Side. A second table held a speck of cloth from Our Blessed Mother’s veil, a relic of St.Joseph, and the Apostles. The annex to the Church held over a hundred Saint’s relics with a brief story of each.

If you get the chance to see this presentation, don’t miss it!


Here is the latest schedule for the expositions.
Multiple locations in Virginia before a shift to S. Carolina, Tennessee, maryland and Pensylvania and the multiple locations in Illinois. Unfortunately, it looks as thogh the exposition in N. Carolina was cancelled due to recent storm related damage to the hosting church.



My son and I were blessed to attend two such expositions of relics when he was in second grade. It was such a beautiful and prayerful experience.


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