Wyoming adopts 1st new abortion restrictions in 28 years

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Gov. Matt Mead signed into law Wyoming’s first restrictions on abortion in nearly 30 years Thursday after one of the biggest Republican majorities in the Legislature in state history approved the measures by wide margins.

Doctors will need to tell women seeking abortions in Wyoming they’re entitled to see an ultrasound of the fetus before going forward with the procedure. Another law prohibits using tissues from aborted fetuses for experimentation.

Mead did not comment before signing the bills but received thanks from some of the several dozen abortion opponents who took part in the signing ceremony. They included several students wearing red “I am the pro-life generation” t-shirts.



Good law!


A step in the right direction! :):D:thumbsup::yup::bounce::clapping:

Praise The Lord.

Who pays for the ultrasound? Who helps pay delivery expense for the women who don’t have the high costs of childbirth financed? I don’t know if this law will withstand an appeal.

Good question, but does it matter?

I would think so. It’s a beautiful state and they need all the babies they can get. The total population is less than 600,000.

All that matters is that abortion on demand ends. Everything else can be worked out. It’s not a matter of “let’s continue to do abortions, until a bunch of maternal care issues are worked out first.” Nope.

Of course it matters. If the state has a compelling interest in promoting “pro-life” legislation, the burden of this law shouldn’t fall entirely upon the mother who may not have the money to pay for the ultrasound. They’re not free, you know.

When will it be worked out? Accessible and affordable deliveries are still out of reach for a lot of these unborn babies mommies.

Then they’ll have to refrain from sexual intercourse until they can afford to have children, whether it’s their money or the state’s.

Blue states, Canada and Europe could learn a lot from Wyoming!

Some of the good things from the Trump administration begin to materialise. Praise God.:thumbsup:

It is interesting to me that you are more concerned with monetary cost rather than saving lives.

Maybe if people took more responsibility and used some self control then they would not be thinking about having an abortion.

Abortion on demand is all about a woman’s right to fornicate and then dispose of the consequences.

Yes because everyone considering an abortion is just some hussy. Birth control never fails, rape never happens, and abusive partners never coerce women into getting abortions.

Thank you; it’s that simple. It’s time to focus on personal responsibility at some point.


Most of the abortions are done for convenience.

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