X Factor

Who watched?

I have to say I liked it better than Idol. I like the energy the audience gave during the auditions. Of course my favorite part is always the flops. Can you say Geo Godly? :rotfl:

I don’t think we’ll put the time into watching it.

I was disgusted at the way the “flasher” was handled. I think that the instant the man dropped his pants, the security personnel should have charged onto the stage and hauled him away.

What he did was illegal–as far as I know, there is no state in which exposing oneself is legal. I don’t know what prompted the director of the show to allow this to continue, but the fact was that there were many children and teenagers in the audience, and this pervert was allowed to violate them by his indecent exposure. If a pervert did this to a child or teenager in real life, he would be arrested (as soon as they caught him).

I personally think the director was thinking more about a “good show” and “publicity” than he was about the young audience members, and I find that unacceptable. The show’s director has lost my trust. If he couldn’t figure this one out and get that pervert off the stage immediately, then as far as I’m concerned, I can’t trust him to present a fair competition.

Now he’s claiming he didn’t actually expose himself, and he was really wearing a traditional Greek g-string that was bleeped out…

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