X Files fans?

Can we please get an X-Files discussion going?

I’m still at home recovering from ankle surgery, and although there are X-Files forums galore, I really would love to discuss the show with Christians.

I’ll warn you, I’m a major John Doggett fan! :eek:

In fact, I didn’t even start watching the show until this character came on, because I thought it was boring and I didn’t care for David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson and their mumbling-through-their- teeth acting style. I think that actor Robert Patrick infused some energy into the show and woke everything up. (Of course, they still never turned the lights on in any of the scenes!)

My personal opinion is that if the writers had written out the whole Mulder/Scully thing in the 9th season and written more scripts for Doggett like “The Gift” and “John Doe,” the show could have continued for years. (Not sure if Monica would have lasted, though–that’s one thing I would like to discuss!).

Anyway, if there’s a Star Trek thread on CAF, surely we can get an X-Files thread going. If there’s already a thread somewhere on this Board, can you please link me to it? Thanks.


I love the X Files. I am supriesed that I don’t see a Battlestar group here either. Talk about a show that has interesting ethics theology etc.

I love Fox but like you I really enjoyed John Doggett. To be honest Mulder at times could be a real jerk. I loved the interplay between him and scully in the beginning especially as Doggert was trying to get across to her that they were ateam. I think this realization came when Scully was almost killed by that weirdo religious group that put that thing on her Spinal Code and he had to find her. At the end of that episode Scully knew she was in the wrong for trying to keep him out and they became a team.

I am excited about there being a new X files movie.

nuh uh. :nope: He was not a jerk. I will always remain devoted and faithful to Fox. :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal opinion is that if the writers had written out the whole Mulder/Scully thing in the 9th season and written more scripts for Doggett like “The Gift” and “John Doe,” the show could have continued for years. (Not sure if Monica would have lasted, though–that’s one thing I would like to discuss!).

I am horrible remembering of remebering the names of the episode. What shows are those.

I thought Monica was cool. My favorite episode with her was the Episode Burt Reynolds was in

Oh he could be. His attitude toward John when came back on the show was a tad jerkish. Mulder was often with Scully going out on his own because he thought he was always so right. At times he was fighting the people that were reaching out to help him. Especially the Assistant Director. His Zeal was to be admired but sometimes he was a tad hasty in judgements of other people

This show made me a nerd! When all the cool kids at school were talking about Will Smith and the Spice Girls, I wanted to talk about the X-files!
I had my first crush ever on David Duchovny as Mulder. I was young and too ambarassed to tell my parents though, so convincing them to let me stay home on Friday night was hard when I couln’t just say "If I don’t see his pretty face, I will die, lemme watch the show!"
I kinda abandoned it when he went away.:frowning:

Just as a general conversation starter, what is everyone’s favorite episode?

I know that the #1 episode among fans is generally considered the “Peacock family”, the episode where the legless, armless lady is “kept” by her family and used as a breeder for “inbreds.” That was a Mulder/Scully episode, and I agree, it was pretty creepy!

My husband likes the episode with Victoria Jackson, with the weather controller. Another Mulder/Scully episode, and I agree, it was very well-written, very gentle.

My personal favorite is “The Gift,” where a “suffering eater” eats individual in order to absorb their suffering and disease, and then regurgitates them as healthy, non-suffering people.

The theological implications in this episode are incredible, especially for Catholics. As many of you know, the concept of “sin eating” has been around for centuries; a very famous episode of “Night Gallery” was the sin-eater episode.

In “The Gift,” the suffering-eater has taken upon himself the suffering of ALL the people that he has relieved from their suffering.

Sound familiar? Sound like what Jesus did for us on the cross–“Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world.”

The eater wanted to end the suffering, and he did so by eating John Doggett after he was gunned down (in the back) and killed by a local vigilante. The eater took on Doggett’s death and died, while John Doggett was raised from the dead.

Sound familiar? Sound like what Jesus did for us on the cross–“dying You destroyed our death.”

What really floored me was the necessity of “EATING.” The eater couldn’t merely look at the sufferer, he had to EAT their suffering.

Sound familiar? “Take, eat, this is My Body.”

When we EAT Jesus (not just look at Him or pray to Him), we actually receive Him into us and become like HIM.

Anyway, that’s my favorite episode, along with “John Doe,” the one where Doggett went to Mexico and lost his shoe and his memory. Very gritty episode, lots of realism, lots of sweat, and for the first time, Monica Reyes was truly cool. If only she had been like that in all her episodes. (Writers’ fault, not the actress, IMO.)

So what’s your favorite episode?

I always liked how they showed the Catholic church through the eyes of Scully. At least it was given respect in more ways than can be said about shows today. Or at least that is how I remember it, 'cause I was a kid back then.

Favorite epeisode? HMMMM Hard.

First I liked anything that had the smoking man in it. I actually liked the episode that sort of went through his history(JFK and MLK Connspiracies)

On the flip side I never got into the shows dealing with his Sister. I know it was suppose to be sucha big theme but oh well.

Wow, X-Files used to be the THE coolest. I’ll admit I thought David Duchovny was hot :rolleyes: But I haven’t seen it in years, it’s not even on reruns anymore here. I was kinda tired of the alien abduction business, but I remember being glued to the TV, dying to know how an episode would be resolved while my mom would be yelling at me to go to bed, since I think it was on school nights :stuck_out_tongue:

To put a nerd-point on it, that episode was called “Home”, not “Peacock Family”. :thumbsup: While not my favorite, it certainly was memorable.

As for me, I stopped watching when that other guy came on. He annoyed me…I have no idea why.

My favorite episodes while I was watching were (and I don’t have episode names for these):

  1. THe one where the school faculity were all some demon-possessed/satan worshipping loonies. That one always makes me giggle, being a former teacher myself.
  2. The one the cockroach crawls across the screen, and tricks you into thinking it’s on YOUR screen (I don’t remember anything else about this episode, but I was babysitting in a v.v. dirty house when I saw it for the first time, and it TOTALLY creeped me out!)

“that other guy”?



Hey, excuse me, that OTHER GUY happens to be Robert Patrick who played John Doggett! He was cool!

While David Duchovny was playing hooky from X-Files while holding out for a gazillion dollar contract, the character of Scully moved into Mulder’s role of “believer”, and the character of John Doggett moved into Scully’s role of “skeptic.” The balance was needed to keep the show rolling along. What’s annoying about that?

And if you continued to watch the show instead of joining in the DD “sulkfest,” you saw that Doggett DID have an open mind and DID believe. He just preferred to approach crimes with the assumption that a real person had committed them, rather than a hoo doo. When he was proved wrong, he admitted it.

Seasons 8 and 9 (the Doggett seasons) were unpredictable in the writing. Some episosdes were brilliant, while others plodded along. It was very difficult for the writers to write good stories for Doggett and his various partners while at the same time struggling to keep an invisible Mulder front and center in the storyline. So many of the episodes in Season 8 featured a dose of Scully mourning for Mulder and speculating over his “alien abduction.” These scenes really sapped the energy out of the show and gave Doggett little to do except stand around and look concerned for Scully.

When the writers forgot about Mulder and Scully and just wrote a good story for Doggett, the results were wonderful. “Invocation” is a great episode where Doggett searched for the criminals who had kidnapped a little boy and returned him, unaged, ten years later. It was a suspenseful episode with a satisfying spooky ending. No Mulder whatsoever. No alien abduction. No “conspiracy by the FBI to keep Mulder quiet about alien abductions.” Just a good story.

I think that’s what irritated me about the Mulder plotline. So much of it was his grumpy contention that the FBI had a big conspiracy going to hide all the “evidence” of alien activity. This, to me, is the stuff of crazy uncles at the annual family Christmas dinner. Conspiracy theories are fun to chat about while you’re standing in the line for hours at the DMV. But to make a whole plot about them is kind of pathetic, IMO.

I preferred the well-written X-Files stories that brought up memories of Twilight Zone; e.g, “John Doe,” a great Doggett episode in Season 9. I know there were some Mulder/Scully episodes written like this, too.

I just wish that the writers had been given a free reign with Doggett instead of having to work him in around the invisible Mulder/sad Scully plotline.

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed being reprimanded so much! Heehee.

Like I said, I have no idea why “that other guy” annoyed me so much. Maybe I’m a softie for DD’s mumbling acting style. Most probably, it’s another personality quirk that you can blame on “Twin Peaks”, my very, very favorite TV show of all time. I think I’m just naturally inclined to favor actors who appeared on that show.

And as for Scully moving into the beliver role, while T.O.G. filling the part of sceptic, I can’t say I remember enough of the show at that point to comment. I just know that the early episodes where Scully (who, btw, also annoyed me :smiley: ) was the believer (like the pilot itself) weren’t the greatest.

Anyway, I’m going to pin my DD-inspired “sulkfest” as an instictive act of self-preservation, after the trauma induced by the cruel YANKING of “Twin Peaks” from the TV. :thumbsup:

Cari :slight_smile:

Remember my OP–I’m a Doggett fan.

What’s more, I’m a huge Robert Patrick fan!

I can’t just stand back and let Robert Patrick/who played John Doggett be called “that other guy!” It makes my Cat’s claws pop out!

I didn’t know DD was on Twin Peaks. That show was on when my children were babies and we didn’t watch much except Dumbo.

Twin Peaks is a great show. However, that comes with a caveat- it does have a lot of violence, and gratuitious sex in it. If you prefer your entertainment more wholesome, it’s not for you. In fact, the older I get (and the older my kids get), I find I prefer my entertainment more wholesome as well. I can’t even watch the Twin Peaks movie anymore, since it, being film, was allowed to spiral down into a moral cesspit that the TV show was prevented from due to format (of course, what’s allowed today wouldn’t have been allowed 16 years ago, but that’s another thread).

But it does remind me- the X-Files movie, from what I remember, did a good job of not taking advantage of the looser moral standards film allows. Of course, I remember very little about the movie except something doing with a flight from bees, but that’s pregnancy brain, and not the fault of the movie.

Another post mentioned a new X Files movie…who’s going to be in it?


Ditto to all of the above. After Mulder went away, I stopped watching the show regularly. But, I did see “The Gift” and thought it was a good one.

Did I see where someone said there is supposed to be another movie? I’m all over that. :extrahappy:

What about the episode with the chickens? For some reason that is one of the most memorable for me. Wasn’t there cannibalism somewhere in that episode too? :confused:

The official (as opposed to all the past rumors) announcement came out yesterday that there will be a second X-Files film.

Filming is supposed to begin in Vancouver, BC during December of 2007 and it will hopefully be released in theaters on Friday, July 25, 2008.

That’s actually a pretty aggressive schedule. We’ll see.

Has anyone been checking out the pictures and film clips of them making the movie?

Someone on one of the Robert Patrick online groups emailed me a clip of the new X Files movie, but since it doesn’t have Robert Patrick in it, I deleted it. I’m sorry. :frowning: If I get any more clips, I’ll cut and paste them to this thread.

I was a major X-Files fan. My own favorite episode was Small Potatoes where a bunch of children were born with vestigal tails. It was funny as could be. I also love the episodes that were written by Darin Morgan.

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