X-Men ditching Nightcrawler because?

… the character is Catholic?

At least, he was in the 2nd movie.

Just can’t have those pesky faithful on board in these relativistic times, can we? :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to love the X-Men. Oh well.

It sounds like the story involves Nightcrawler leaving the X-Men to become more involved in Catholicism.

I haven’t read the X-Men in years, anyway, though. I stick mostly to the black and white Essential Guides to read the old comic books from the good days.

In the X-Men comic books, correct me if im wrong, but nightcrawler leaves to became a Catholic Priest for the Mutant Community.

I heard this somewhere.

Some history from the Marvel website: Spoilers Warning

Soon after, the ever-devout catholic Kurt left the team to pursue aspirations of becoming a priest. During his studies, Kurt was attacked and wounded by Rax, the hunter of the group of evolved mutants known as the Neo. Fleeing, Kurt encountered mutant doctor Cecilia Reyes, and together the two faced the Neo until the X-Men arrived to swing the tide of battle.

Kurt subsequently rejoined the X-Men while continuing his priesthood studies, but soon after took a leave of absence to mourn the death of his friend and team mate, Colossus. When he returned to the X-Men, it was as a fully ordained priest after apparently undertaking a ceremony at St. Michael’s Church in Brooklyn which was overseen by Kurt’s mentor, Father Whitney. Kurt even took to wearing a priest’s collar as part of his X-Men uniform.

Feeling uncomfortable after his longstanding Catholic training as a result of Kurt’s feelings of unrest due to molestations by Catholic leaders, which were only exacerbated after the mutant ex-prostitute Stacy X joined the team and made advances towards him which he could not reciprocate due to his vocation. Ultimately it came to light that Kurt had never been fully ordained, rather he had been telepathically coerced into believing so as part of a plan by the Church of Humanity’s Supreme Pontiff to bring down the Catholic Church by installing Kurt as the next Pope then revealing to the world that he was “satan”. The X-Men subsequently defeated the Church of Humanity and prevented their plan for world domination.


I’m not sure what to make of Nightcrawler’s impending disappearance, but Daredevil and Gambit are/were Catholic. Are they still in circulation?

That is such a pure comic book plot right there. Anyway, Daredevil still has his own comic book. Gambit might, but he’s still in comic books, even if he doesn’t have his own

As for other Catholic superhoes, one particular version of the Hulk (from the Marvel Ultimate line of comic books) was explicitly Catholic, even being shown with rosary beads and writing a detailed note about his view on the afterlife.

Then there’s Banshee, an Irish X-Man whose Catholicism they make obvious but never make a big deal of. Finally, the Punisher, also a Marvel character (I don’t really know any DC ones), was an Italian Catholic and for a while, the writer had him going to confession regularly.

Nightcrawler had every intention of becoming a priest, but as another poster already 'splained, he fell victim to a hoax.

At least they saved the REAL Church!

Batman is occasionally portrayed as a Lapsed Catholic. His Mother was Catholic, his father Protestant, but he learns his religious values from his mother.

John Constantine is the more obvious one, in the movie version with Keanu Reeves he was a Catholic(to clarify in the comic book it is not so).

and Catwoman is a practising Catholic.

I always wondered about Nightcrawler. After his ordination, wouldn’t he have gotten an assignment from his bishop…at the very least parochial vicar somewhere? Wouldn’t it get in the way of his X-Men duties?

“Sorry guys. I can’t go with you to fight Apocalypse. I have the 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. Masses this morning.”

Pager goes off in the middle of a battle with Magneto. "I gotta go. I have to give last rites to an old lady who is having an operation. "

Or the ever popular: “Wolverine. What are you doing tonight, I am doing a slideshow on German Eucharistic Miracle shrines for the Catholic Daughters. Want to go?” <And thought bubble appearing over Wolverine’s head: “Oh no. Not the pilgrimage pictures again.”>

I stopped reading around the time of the Acts of Vengeance. At that time, Nightcrawler was a member of Excalibur.


I’m not a fan from way back, but I saw the (second?) X-Men movie and was really thrilled about the character of Nightcrawler, especially when he prayed before teleporting. And the fact that he took sanctuary in a church—and that the filmakers did not mock his religious beliefs.

So I saw the new cartoon series and just did a bit of research.

I believe catwoman is going to be a lesbian now. Just a rumour I heard from Big Hollywood, so I could (I hope) be wrong.

Say it ain’t so! :eek:

My bad, it was batwoman.

Here is the article if you are interested:

Either way… :frowning:

A couple of points, Catwoman’s sister Maggie was a Nun (she later stopped been a nun and married but she reamined strongly Catholic) but Catwoman herself has never been seen as devout at all. although she has been seen to have more faith in God than Batman at times. She is part Hispanic and her mother was strongly Catholic which is often brought up in flashback scenese that focus on her childhood, her father was extremely abusive though and she ran away from home and became a teenage prostitute for a time. She is generally portrayed as a villian but one with a strong moral code and she is generally viewed as fairly redeemable even by those on the opposite side.

Batman’s never been shown absolutely clearly to be Catholic, the nearest hint given I can recall was him been involved near the beginning of his career in a relationship with a distant cousin who eventually decided to become a nun when she learnt about his secret identity (she’d been torn between marrying him or her vocation for some time in the story) - Bruce was portrayed as been fairly familar with the Church and how it works but it’s never been spelled out excatly what denomination he is.

Nightcrawler used to be written really well back in the day. And he was never originally half-demon, that was retconned in a couple of years back. Christ Claremont originally started writing him as a devout Catholic and he had the neccesary understanding and sensitivity to do it well. He had a mutual interplay between Nightcrawler and Wolverine, where they were best friends but Nightcrawler would constantly be challenging Wolverine’s desire to use lethal force all the time. Claremont was also capable of handling characters from other faiths well such as Jewish characters like Magneto (he wrote a trully frightening sequence once of Magneto been buried underneath his family after they were machine gunned by the Nazis- Magneto having been protected by his till then nascent abilities) Nightcrawler has a definining moment or two under Claremont -one that sticks in the mind is when vampires start mocking the lack of faith of Wolverine who attempts to use his claws to make a crucifix to forestall them - the response been that it only works if you believe - to which Nightcrawler does make a cross and says ‘I BELIEVE’ and the vampire is convulsed in agony instantly, interestingly enough the vampire is also burned when attempting to touch a Star of David on a Jewish character’s necklace as she believes in God as well. The best quote from Nightcrawler which I’ve used here before is when he starts arguing with Wolverine about killing opponents:-‘It may be logical, it may be reasonable, it may be justified, but is it right?’

That rubbish about installing Nightcrawler as the next Pope was written by Chuck Austen who clearly hadn’t got a clue about Catholic theology as he had Catholics going on about the rapture, not realising it’s not an idea Catholics believe in.

Of other religous superheroes there’s Firebird at Marvel who is a devout Mexican Catholic - but again only a few writers possessed the neccesary ability to write her. Ironically she was best written by non-Christian writers who treated her faith with respect and not as though she were a fanatic. Daredevil’s mother is of course a nun at this point as a point of interest. The Punisher was at one point incarnated an angel of vengenance after his death, thank God some writer did use a retcon in this case and established that was a demonic ploy and it’s been quietly forgotten about.

The older Marvel writers generallly were not so mocking of people’s faiths as some of the trendy kewl krew now writing the stories. They had at times corny dialogue and far too many exclamation points but they had deeper ideas about what makes a hero a hero than just ultra violence or lots of T&A which are over used by many modern comic professionals.

VERY interesting and in-depth background. Thanks.

Yeah, I had a :confused: moment when I read that Nightcrawler was ‘half-demon.’ I thought Mutants were human.

I suppose demons could mutate the flesh if they possessed someone long enough.

For everyone on this board hoping to not waste an inordinate amount of time on something other than legitimate work/study/interaction with family and friends,

I apologize in advance.


Seriously, this is one of the better time-wasters out there, and if knowing that The Thing is Jewish and Cyclops is non-denominational Protestant doesn’t in some small way make you a better, more functional member of society, well, then you’re probably right.

More proof the Thing is Jewish than Cyke is Protestant has appeared on panel as Ben Grimm’s Jewishness has been explicitly spelled out several times over the years and we’ve seen him attend Synagogue. Ben is of course modelled after his creator Jack Kirby in many ways which is why they made him so explicitly Jewish - although for years his faith was ambigous at best.

Sorry if this was already cleared up, but I wanted to mention that I don’t think Nightcrawler was removed from the movie series because of his religion. (I heard that it was a logistical thing; the actor didn’t like sitting for 4 hrs having makeup applied!)

Anyway… I just had to comment. I’m a huge fan of the X-Men movies!:smiley:

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