X-Men ditching Nightcrawler because?

Yeah, and Nightcrawler wasn’t going to have a big part. In one of the stories that fills in the space between the movies, it was stated that he didn’t like the violent lifestyle the X-Men had to endure and went his own way.

Which sucked, cause he would have owned that teleporting chick in X3.

I wasn’t referring to the movies but to the comics.

Yeah, but, Gambit, isn’t really a practicing Catholic.

There’s also some female. She’s a lesbian, but, also Catholic (at least she grew up as such).

Henry McCoy is either Catholic or High Episcopal.


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They are!! But, see, when Mystique threw him over a bridge in Germany, the people there saw that he had three fingers (two & thumb) on each hand, was blue, and had a pointed tail, so, they said he was a demon. He’s had this appearance his whole life and is rather scary looking, which contrasts his faith.

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Not Banshee please, he’s a walking talking stereotype, Christ Claremont edged him out of the X-men and into a supporting role fairly quickly but even then they made some hilarious mistakes with the character on the one occassion they visited Ireland in the comic. They had red post boxes marked ER for Elizabeth Regina in the Republic of Ireland and policemen walking around wearing London Metropolitan Police uniforms. They made that mistake in a particularly dreadful Spiderman comic set in Northern Ireland also where they also compounded it by showing the police as unarmed when it was in fact the one spot in the UK where police were generally armed.

The Punisher - don’t even go there- at one point they had him die and turn into an Angel of vengenance for what might have been God (DC and Marvel tend to steer clear of explicitly showing any supernatural being in their universe as either the Biblical God or Satan where possible)

as regards non-Catholic superheroes Shadowcat has been shown to be a fairly devout Jew at points (Magneto has been shown to be Jewish but to have lost any faith he once had). Steve Englehart who hasn’t worked for Marvel for years was (along with Chris Claremont and a few others) one of the few writers to seriously explore the idea of religous belief. He had one character who was devoutly Catholic who I remember stopped a character commiting suicide by arguing how wrong it was from a Christian perspective.

celticsfan1983, are you talking about Shadow Cat? Kitty Pride is Jewish, you know.

Anyway, I should also explain for Sailor Kenshin and everybody else who wasn’t into The X-Men, that Nightcrawlers dad IS a demon from hell. He and Mystique copulated, so, he IS half demon, and when he teleports, and leaves behind the smell of sulfur, it is because he goes through another demention (we later find out it’s Hell, I think). This explains his blue skin, which he inherits from his mother and his looks, which are paternal.

…Orignally the idea was somebody else would be his mother, and Mystique (who is bi) turned into a man and who would be his father. Not only was this idea found too controversial, but, for a comic book dealing with mutants, and different space-time continuums, and all kinds of science fiction elements, suspention of belief only goes so far…

reads the article …So, they are not retiring the character altogether, then?

That bit about his father been a demon was retconned in over 30 years after he first appeared and it weakens the character. I’m aware of Claremont’s plans with Mystique which were nixed by Marvel’s editors although Mystique and Destiny are obviously a lesbian couple for those who can read between the lines.

Shadowcat is definitely very Jewish, it’s not been explored in a long time but she and Nightcrawler were always shown as the most religious under Claremont. When the X-men fought Dracula only she and Nightcrawler could use the symbols of their respective religions to repel him as only they actually had faith. Wolverine tried making a cross in that story using his claw only for Dracula to mock him saying you have to believe for it to be effective only to get trashed by Nightcrawler breaking branchs to make a cross and saying ‘I believe’. This however in a golden age when the characters were written to be more than ‘kewl’ -Nightcrawler’s interactions with Wolverine trying to persuade him that lethal force was not a good thing to employ regularly were fabulous as you had two men who had diametric views about the use of force but who were also portrayed as having great respect for each other. A lot better than writing Wolverine as a cash-cow just ripping things up with his claws as happened later. Claremont was one of the few mainstream comic book writers to ever approach the idea of religous faith respectfully and tactfully and not to present people from differing faiths as stereotypes. Even when it looked like he was doing that he often surprised you with a twist.


not the fact that a character is Jewish… the ‘other’ stuff

Not Kitty, she could walk through walls, close, but not the same as teleportation. The Wikipedia entry calls the woman I’m referring to Psyclocke (played by Meiling Melançon), but the movie never calls her by name. She could teleport all over the place, which made me wish Nightcrawler was there to open up a can on her.

Odd that they call her Psylocke, when the movie character and comic book character have nothing in common.

Ohh I remember her… if i’m not mistaken, she didn’t actually teleport, she could just move really really fast. (In the movie, I mean. I’m not too familiar with the comic book version of Psylocke.) Either way, Nightcrawler could totally pwn her! :smiley: :rotfl:

Psylocke’s a telepath in the comics (I think she’s been changed into a telekinetic recently but I don’t really follow the X-men anymore), she started out as Captain Britain’s sister and was an operative for a British version of SHIELD. She joined the X-men in the mid 80’s which I remember.

If it’s walking through walls that’s got to be Shadowcat as that was her signature move in the comics.

In the 90s animated series, Nightcrawler only appeared twice (‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Blood Ties’) and I thought they did his faith really well. In that animated show, the father was an aristocrat. So, they must have changed it from the comic?

They should rename the new animated series that airs on NickToons: Nightcrawler and the X-Men after that awesome episode that focused on him helping those other mutants.

I remember those episodes - one of them had the bizarre sight of Wolverine praying in front of an altar at the end of the episode. Nightcrawler was originally characterised as an orphan raised in the circus in the comics - his adopted mother was a very powerful witch and he originally was at odds with her when she first appeared as she believed he had murdered his adopted brother. She was initerestingly introduced in a story where the X-men got stuck in a recreation of Dante’s Inferno - part of the clues that gave the team an idea it was fake was that Colossus could open the gates of Hell and only Christ is supposed to be able to accomplish that feat.

AMEN to that!

I’m actually enjoying that new series. Never had the pleasure of seeing the 90s one, but there was another, more cartoonish X-men series that Nightcrawler appeared in. I think the mutants were attending a public school, or something like it.

Psylocke wasn’t teleporting. The only time you saw her power was when she confronted Dr Rao and Warren Worthington II. Since she’s a telepath she prolly was using her powers to hide herself by making them think she wasn’t there…

Big fan of the X-men here. 13 years and counting!

The father was a “demon” from a “hell” dimension. In the comics he came to Earth and disguised himself as a human before seducing Raven (Mystique).

The foster mother you’re referring to is Margali Szardos (she who walks the winding roads). She’s a gypsy/witch and has a son (Stefan, deceased) and a daughter (Jimaine, also called Amanda Sefton aka Daytripper aka 2nd Magick).

Will post more info on Kurt soon!

Nightcrawler grew up with Margali’s children and promised Stefan that should he ever take an innocent life Nightcrawler must stop him which he did much later when they grew up.

Stefan killed innocent children in the small town of Winzeldorf and Kurt, trying to stop him, accidentally broke his neck. Incidentally the town blamed Kurt for the killings (based on his demonic appearance) and it was when they were chasing him the Prof X came along and recruited him to the X-men. Stefan’s death made Margali angry and she chased after Nightcrawler when he joined the X-men but upon realizing that it was an accident, forgave him. It wasn’t until very late in his life when he returned to the city when Turns out that Stefan was possessed by the demon Hive (who told him of a war that is about to come) when he went on his murdering spree.

When Kurt was celebrating his birthday recently Mephistopheles stopped time to talk to Kurt and showed him a vision of hell opening and demons being unleashed into the world causing great destruction. Mephisto promised that all the X-men would be spared if he promised not to interfere when it does. Kurt responded by punching him/it in the face saying that he will never listen to the Prince of lies.

As for Jimaine, she grew up to be Kurt’s on/off again girlfriend and was part of the European X-men; ExCalibur with Nightcrawler. She’s had a difficult relationship with her mother, with the latter tricking her tonnes of times and on an occasion, switching minds. Turns out when the Mother/Daughter switch happened the body of Margali (mind of Jimaine) was captured by Belasco (Lord of Limbo) and tortured while Jimaine (with the mind of Margali) asked Nightcrawler for help in performing a ritual to descend to Limbo and save her daughter from Belasco. With that done and the minds swapped back Margali apologized for all the hurt she caused and left and since Belasco ran away there was no one to rule the Limbo and thus Jimaine took up the role as ruler of the realm at the protest if Nightcrawler. Jimaine is also herself an accomplished sorceress.

Hmm looks like I covered as much as I could. Hope it gave some insightful information.

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