Xbox 360 Kinect or PS3, which is better?

I am trying to decide which system to buy, Xbox 360 Kinect or PS3. Looking for reviews, etc. God Bless

As a Catholic, shouldn’t you really be considering a ‘Nuntendo?’.


I would get a Wii. :smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan. :o

To me, Xbox 360 and PS3 seem identical. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably pick a PS3 just because it’s also a Bluray player, but that may not be a compelling reason for you. :shrug: From what I’ve heard, people seem to like Xbox’s online play better than PS, but then you also have to pay for it.

If it were me, I would look at what game exclusives each has to offer and go with the one that offers the more interesting titles.

That’s why I’ll always stick with Nintendo. It’s the only place for Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. :slight_smile:

So, long story short, I have no experience with either system and thus no useful advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about the Xbox Kinect, but I do have a PS3 - we’ve had it for a few years and it still works great. I like the format of the main menu and so far I’ve never had a problem reading disks. We take extra good care of it as concerns being gentle with it & the disks - haven’t cleaned any dust out yet though! Main differences for me are the controls - I dislike PS controls in comparison with Xbox - but there are actually PS3 controls with a very similar design. Also, not all systems carry all franchises. For instance, Halo belongs to Microsoft and is on PC & Xbox. Ratchet & Clank belong to PS3. Mario belongs to Nintendo, etc.

All in all though, I really like the PS3. My PS3 doesn’t have an HD output - not sure if any of them do, so if thats a factor you might want to check out different models - I believe Xbox does though.

My PS3 has HD capabilities. I just had to get a HDMI cable to connect it to the TV instead of the standard one that comes with it.

I love the idea behind the Xbox Kinect though. Being able to use your body as a controller is very cool though I’ve never used it. I really can’t bring myself to buy a 360 when I have a DS, Wii and a PS3.

You sure your PS3 doesn’t have HD output? I have one of the earliest models of the machine that a work colleague gave me in lieu of money owed a year or two back and it has one. As Nicolep says I simply had to get a HDMI lead instead. Although I got the lead well after the machine as I was still using a non HDMI telly till last Christmas when my beloved Daewoo telly of many years service died.

I have an Xbox and a PS3. I will say I have been hit by the red ring of death twice with the Xbox and it annoyed me very much. I had an Xbox elite originally, I now have a basic Xbox but with the elite’s much larger hard drive transferred. My model is one of the older ones without the built in wi-fi. I will say I think Sony got some things right the Xbox did not. Such as including wi-fi and bluetooth as standard. The bluray player issues is unimportant to me as I have never bought a bluray disc yet and do not intend to as I am old for gaming and to me DVDs are superb compared to the old VHS videos I grew up with.

I do like the fact I can use the internet on the PS3 and here in the UK watch BBC TV on it using their iplayer service. Of course that’s not a concern for US residents. The Xbox’s hard drives are easier to upgrade though than the PS3 and I prefer it’s controller. Although I don’t like the fact it uses rechargeable batteries whereas you can charge the PS3 controller using a mini usb lead.

As to game exclusives since I like games such as Fallout, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Skyrim etc. console exclusives are not a problem. Although it should be noted that any of these games has it unique quirks from console to console no matter how similarly they play or look.

Keep your money for now… these two systems will be out of date by later this year when the Wii U launches.

Personally I still call my nintendo systems “my Nintendo” or if I want to be specific “my Nintendo 3DS/Wii”… Boy am I getting old!

Old early 90s habits die hard!

Or you could just get a 3DS with the circle pad pro attachment and Resident Evil: Revelations… a fantastic and very scary game.

Actually you’ve given some pretty good advice… Now is not the time to buy a PS3 or X-Box 360 from the price point of view.

Their price is likely going to drop dramatically once the Wii U is out, and once their respective successors are announced(expected to be at E3 this year!). So either wait for the price drops, or if you want to experience the next-gen then pre-order a Wii U instead.

Personally if you don’t have a 3DS, now is the time to get one of those, because they’ve turned it’s early sales slump around and now it’s one of the most sucessful Nintendo systems ever.

I do the same thing. It’s all “Nintendo”. But for me it’s “mid to late 80’s habits die hard!” :o :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re probably right about the price drops. New consoles typically get released in the lead up to the holiday shopping season (usually mid-November). The Wii U seems on course for such a release date. I would be suprised if Sony and Microsoft did not do a major price drop just as the Wii U hits store shelves.

But of course, that’s 9 months from now, so the OP would have to be willing to wait. :wink:

I’m still working on my strategy for convincing my wife we need a Wii U. :stuck_out_tongue: The only way I got her to come around on the Wii was when we played it at my brothers’ and she realized it was actually kind of fun. :slight_smile:

I much prefer sony over nintendo. The only game series for nintendo that I really like is Zelda. Other than that sony has muh better games. I have a PS3 and looove it. I got it last year and have been very careful with it. My brothers ps3 over heated and died on him. So I take precautions like making sure nothing is blocking the air vents, and running a fan in the directions of the vent when I’m playing. It’s worked like a charm in keeping it cool during play.

Maybe it does - I just figured it would’ve come with a cable that would actually allow me to utilize that capability. I’ll have to look for one now. I’ve had no real problems with bluray as far as I recall.

Sony only included leads for older type TVs on some of their models, mind you HDMI cables can be picked up pretty cheaply. Although you willl see some absurdly pricey ones out there, I used to sell electronics for a living and I used to be fascinated by people who would pay a 100 pound a metre for HDMI leads to play games when a 5 or 10 lead was perfectly sufficient.

Yes, it is odd that in some cases, some people feel better about spending more money, even if the products are virtually identical.

That’s not how I felt when I payed $50 for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. :banghead: I was new to the whole “not all games are good quality games” thing when I bought it, having graduated from Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64…

Well, you must have missed Superman 64, then. If Superman were real, he would have destroyed all vestiges of that cartridge! Poor Superman…

We only own the top-notch games for those two systems. I was so used to a high standard that I really didn’t think people published junk. xD

Shovelware was pretty common back the too. Shaq-fu is much worse than anything released today.

Cool!!! :cool: thanks for the Nintendo news! I have the First Gen Wii…it had a LOT of potential in term of interfacing ! Its core speed and graphics lagged however…rumor is…Nintendo wants to keep the pretty groundbreaking interface with tweaks updates and improvements…plus give it a hefty core ! Something to look forward to! I’m a longtime Nintendo fan as I see some other posters are…and…Nintendo is not a company to ignore in home video games! Hey! Talk about aging yourself! I had the Atari 2600 !!! And in the crash burn Home Vid Game fall of the 80s pretty much most of us assumed the Apple 2 (in my case) or home pcs in general would be the game platform!!! Nintendo…came back with an inexpensive fun unit and followed with the Super Nintendo…and bang!Gaming consoles were back!!! I for one like having a “dedicated” platform for Games !!! I myself work from home on Computer…my Solid States…are valuable real estate …memory wise…so…hey…love something …that does not pull from that! :cool:

True, though, if you can’t figure out that a title called “Shaq-Fu” is going to be shovelware, then you pretty much deserve what you get… lol.

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