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Does anyone know the content of Grand Theft Auto or Halo 3?

*Halo 3 has sci-fi violence, blood, and mild language (dmn, **, btch… stuff like that).

Just from reviews I’ve read, a typical GTA has… well… everything you can think of… strong language, sexual content, nudity, strong violence, etc.

GTA=good game, bad morals

Halo 1,2,3 = Good game, save the world…good morals

I haven’t played much of the newer GTA but I have played 1 and 2. It’s kind of hard to have graphic violence in 320x200 resolution, lol. However the gameplay was about stealing cars, shooting people and/or running them over with cars, blowing things up, doing jobs for gangs etc. People on the street would also yell swear words at you.

In GTA4, the worst thing I’ve noticed is language. You’ll hear the F word quite a bit. Unfortunately, it’s not much different than real life. There’s a lot of violence and your character goes on missions usually to kill or beat up other crime bosses. I know there’s a strip club of sorts in the game, but haven’t gone there myself. I haven’t seen any kind of nudity or anything. Just like in real life, it’s about the choices you make.

With that in mind, it’s not my favorite game by any means.

There are prime time TV shows that are worse in terms of violence.

Although I own GTA4, its quite an awful game that I would hardly recommend to Christians. If you just play the storyline, it doesn’t get too bad, but if you venture out, sexual promiscuity is everywhere.

Despite all of this, the game is enjoyable when the sexual themes are overlooked. Its nowhere near as violent as many horror films these days, and I don’t really see video game violence as a bad thing anyways, but i digress…

The Halo series is like any other realistic first person shooter. It has blood and violence, and some people say naughty things online. But overall, its an entertaining and fun game, aside from the language of people online, which you can disable btw…

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