XM Radio: The Catholic Channel, anyone like?

Does anyone listen to this channel, and what do you think of it? Any programs worth listening to? I am new to XM radio, and heard this from time to time, but find it very different from other Catholic Radio that EWTN produces, and shows like Catholic Answers.


I love listening to the Catholic Channel! When my job last summer involved a lot of driving time, I was listening to it all the time. Daily Mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral is broadcast every day (Arch. Dolan sometimes celebrates).

The Catholic Guy with Lino is a great show to listen to. It’s more of an everyday show as opposed to a catechetical show, although was a fairly ignorant Catholic it taught me quite a bit. Some people don’t like it, but over the time I’ve listened there’s been a lot of people who’ve phoned in and mentioned how they’ve gone back to Church and confession after listening, so the fruits are definitely there. In a bit of a “real life writes the plot” sort of way, there’s been quite a vocational spin over the last year because Lino’s been trying to figure out his vocation, so he’s had segments about marriage, priesthood, religious life, ect.

Fr. Dave and the Busted Halo show can be good, but I don’t care for some nights (for example on Thursday they do “Faith and Culture” where they look at secular songs that people see a faith theme in. Which I totally get because I do see it a lot, but if I want to listed to music I have 50 other commercial free choices ;)).

Across the Nation with Bob Dunning is a politically/news themed show. I listed to this one a lot (mostly because of the time it was on in my timezone, noon) and I like it, but I tend to agree with Bob a lot so your millage may vary (Bob beats on Republicans as much as Democrats when they make mistakes, one of the reasons I liked him).

Absolutely The Catholic Guy broadcast with Lino Rulli, his sidekick Lou Ruggieri, and producer Maureen-with-an-Irish-last name is worth listening to. Lino provides Catholic content, or as he says, “Three hours of Catholic pleasure,” via games, contests, guests, and commentary. He is funny and unpredictable without being irreverant.

I love the Catholic Channel; it’s on my car radio most of the time I’m in the car. Even my kids like to listen to Lino.

The channel is serious about Catholicism. The hosts are mostly solid Catholics with plenty of media experience outside Catholic media/Catholic radio. That means the channel has more of a main stream “feel” than most religious programming.

That being said, the target audience is not the daily-Mass-going-able-to-quote-the-CCC- on-a-first-name-basis-with-their-local-Bishop folk. They are looking to grab those on the edges of Catholicism including those curious about the faith and those who may have drifted away. The hosts each seem to be targeting a demographic - Lino, the young adults Fr. Dave, the slightly older set; Gus Lloyd, more settled and middle-aged; the Wilitz’s - the young marrieds; the Popchack’s - the married and struggling; etc. Because of this strategy, it is unlikely that many people would love the channel 10 hours a day, in my own opinon. The programming wouldn’t “fit” all day.

They are very successful at what they do.

The Catholic Channel played a big part in bringing me back to the Church and helping me to desire to learn more about my faith and to try and live the Church’s teachings. So I am grateful for its existence. That said, I find myself listening to EWTN radio much more often now. The Catholic Channel shows spend a lot of time what I would call “wholesome” entertainment that, while not offensive, really has very little if anything to do with the faith. I like to spend my radio time learning about the faith, not just being entertained. There is no one like Father Corapi on XM. The Busted Halo show can be educational at times when they take questions, but not in the same way that Catholic Answers or Open Line radio show can be. Much of the Busted Halo show is spent joking around about Father Dave’s food likes, Father Dave annoys a celebrity, etc. I’m grateful to God that he has taken me to a point where I need a little more meat in my religious programming. As for Lino, I have tried to like him but he spends most of his time talking about himself and not about the Faith. He has priests on the show on a regular basis but he tends to treat them as props for his schtick and I think he is borderline (if not outright) disrespectful to them (even if they are his friends outside the show).

So anyway, the Catholic Channel can be useful at times, and its better than most of the pollution that is on the airwaves, but for more weighty learning I would stick to EWTN radio.

:confused:I just bought a car with a trial subscription to XM Radio. While listening to The Catholic Channel (when I was out of range of EWTN stations), I was somewhat confused. Archbishop Dolan’s show seems good, there was some Catholic couple on that seemed pretty interesting, and then there’s this “Catholic Guy”, Lino Rulli, whose show is really strange. I heard some segment on that show where he, a priest, and another man were bantering back and forth about urinating in showers and sinks. What is it about drunken frat-boy behavior that some Catholics find cool? I wish XM would pick up EWTN. As it stands now, I think I’ll pass on their subscription offer.

The Catholic Channel just recently changed its line up.

It sounds like you stumbled on Lino Ruili’s show - The Catholic Guy. Lino’s show targets young adults and older teens, especially those who have not previously been serious about their faith. He is completely irreverent about everything except the Church. He is very serious about the Church. He has two priests who are regular guests, one just became a regular member of the crew. One is a parish priest and one is a campus minister priest - not sure which you heard. The third guy was probaby the producer, Ryan.

The Catholic Channel is an entertainment station. It is thoroughly Catholic but has fun at the same time. Some people have a hard time with that concept and prefer Catholic radio that is just informational and spiritual rather than entertaining too. Fortunately, we have both EWTN and TCC to meet both preferences.

BTW, it’s impossible to be “out of range” of EWTN but still get TCC on Sirius/XM. They are both on the same satellite signal - one digit away from each other.

Oddly enough, my new Chevrolet has XM but not Sirius so I’m disappointed that it doesn’t carry EWTN. Apparently the merger hasn’t been complete.

As a Methodist starting RCIA in one month (yay!) I have been a listener of the Catholic Channel since Lent and it certainly speeded up the journey I was on. Unlike Evangelical Christian talk radio that I was listening to, I find the talk entertaining, not over preachy, and extremely informative. And they aren’t asking for money after every show-LOL! I believe the channel is a great evangelization tool for those who have an interest in the Church or maybe have fallen away and are thinking of coming home. And I love listening to the mass from St. Pat’s in the morning.


If you have an Android phone or an iphone, you can get the iCatholic radio app that is EWTN radio. It doesn’t quite match the Sirius schedule, as they go to some ‘local’ EWTN radio stations. You should have an MP3 plug on your radio - and you can listen to EWTN that way.

I have Sirius in my car - so I get both stations. I flip back and forth. The radio show “Catholics Next Door” is broadcast from their home, so it can be a bit entertaining at times, to say the least! They are in the same parish as my sister-in-law, so I have a bit of a connection there. I have listened to the Busted Halo show and enjoy that as well. It’s great that we have not one but TWO Catholic stations on satellite. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your reply. The “Catholics Next Door” seems to be a good show. I hadn’t thought of listening on my iPhone. In addition to EWTN’s app, there is one for the Guadalupe and Ave Maria networks. I’ll see how they do when I’m on the road without 3G service.

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