XM Radio

Does anyone know anybody that works at XM Radio that could convince them to put EWTN back on XM RADIO 118?

I thought Sirius/XM was one company now…Sirius has it but XM don’t.

Yep, I wondered that too, I hope someone answers this!

Have you tried their “Contact Us” form to request that EWTN be restored?

Channel 118 is missing from the satellite distribution, although it is still available online. Of course, its possible to stream the radio feed via EWTN’s website so having XM offer it only online really doesn’t increase availability.

I know that it won’t be added to Canada anytime soon. We have content rules (something like 10 US channels to 1 Canadian channel), so they’d have to add another Canadian channel in order to add more American channels (stupid content rules). At least we get The Catholic Channel.

I have Sirius and EWTN and Catholic Channels haven’t disappeared.

You should email them and ask.

Yes I have tried it. I have contacted all of them, EWTN, XM Radio, etc. I don’t see it coming back anytime soon. Sad.

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