Y: The Last Man


I haven’t read all the books, and I dislike portions of it, but it does present an interesting idea…

It’s a graphic novel, and because of some widespread disease, all the men in the world died because of their Y chromosome. All except for one (that we know of), and nobody knows why. In one of the books, a nun had to take temporary command of the Church because, of course, the pope died. She is also looking for a “virgin” pregnancy for a boy to become a Pope.

That got my brain going…What would happen if all the priests in the world died? Would that rule out all confessions, marriages, and Masses? Is the last man morally compelled to–you know–repopulate the earth? (whatever caused the disease is gone now, so any boy baby born won’t be hurt). Or is he morally compelled to become Pope so he can run the Church? Or would the power devolve to the nuns and sisters?

This is an interesting idea, and I was wondering what you guys thought of this problem.


I’ve read most of the series. The writer has some clever ideas, but poor execution, especially with much of the dialogue that has no real “ear” for the way people talk.

But, to your hypothetical: No men means no priests. No priests means no sacraments except for Baptism and Marriage. No, women couldn’t step in to fill the empty shoes because women cannot be validly ordained.

– Mark L. Chance.


That’s what I thought…and I agree women can never be priests. But I also thought that for Catholics only marriages done by priests are valid…

I hope that this scenario never happens! Still, I wonder what if…


Hmm. Now I’m not sure. I’m horribly tired and should be in bed. The priest witnesses the sacrament of Marriage; he’s not the minister of it, IIRC.

I dunno now. My brain hurts.


– Mark L. Chance.


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