Yahoo Mail HBO Ads

Unfortunately my yahoo mail is being inundated with ads for Dexter (serially sexy is the tagline for a show about I assume a serial killer) and Californication.

It is really starting to bug me!

I have a Yahoo account and am not getting any ads.

Both shows you mention air(ed) on the Showtime channel. Perhaps you registered with one of their other shows?

I just saw some similar ads in my Yahoo mail today. It inspired me to do something! I use Firefox, and I downloaded an add-in called Ad Blocker Plus for it. This thing filters out almost all ads from my browsing experience.

It’s hard being a 30-something male prude in a cesspool society like ours, but this program will help a little. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure I never signed up for anything HBO (I barely sign up for anything online)

I will check out that program too Thanks! I just started using Firefox (not sure if i like it but my WAH job requires it)

After you get Adblocker Plus check out TinyUrl Creator, CustomizeGoogle and Flashblock. TinyUrl Creator lets you right-click a page & places a tinyurl in your clipboard. CustomizeGoogle lets you anonymize you Google cookie – stop them from tracking where you go. And flashblock stops scripts from running until you click on them.

What’s a WAH job?

Thanks all i will definitely download that program!

WAH = work at home.


Just to clarify: Both “Dexter” and “Califonication” are on SHOWTIME, not HBO.

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