Yahweh vs. Jehovah

Which do you think best describe the name of God. YHWH or Yahweh, or the mistranslated Jehovah?

I often address him as Yahweh and sometimes I call Jesus Yeshua.

I call God simply “God”, to me it seems a little phony to use Hebrew words for the Father and Jesus, unless Hebrew is the normal toungue you use.

It also reminds me of nonexistent "messianic “Jews”, they are just fundies who like to dress up and play Jew, Baptists and Holy Rollers in “Jewish drag”.

Or “jehovah Witnesses” who insist on “jehovah” being God’s proper name, it aint.

Jehovah is an artificial word made by combining the consonants fron Jahweh, with the vowels from the word Adonai, it was the best translaters of the King James version could come up with.

that is true! (the underlined in the posters quote is mine for emphasis)

The first use of the word “Jehovah” is from a Catholic Monk and Scribe Raymundus Martini c. AD 1270. Raymundus Martini had nothing to do with the King James Translation of Holy Scriptures.

in my own opinion, since you can find the name Jehovah in one bible translation, God will hear the prayers address to that name as well.

Here is New Advent’s Article on Jehovah. It’s a little long but interesting.

I think it’s very interesting that JW’s are so adamant on the use of the term “Jehovah” and at the same very anti-Catholic. Since the term “Jehovah” is intrinsically Catholic in origin.

  • The exact pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton has been lost. Although “Yahweh” is considered by many, or most, to be the best guess, it can’t be known for sure that it is the correct pronunciation. This fact alone - that the pronunciation has been lost - should give pause for thought to those who insist that Christians today are to be known by using the Name.

  • It can’t be known for certain that it was originally two syllables, and not three. The Witnesses will be happy to provide a quote for you, by some non-Witness scholar, that it may have been three.

  • As far as “J” vs. “Y”, and “V” vs. “W”, words that are common to some different modern languages interchange those consonants, and nobody makes a big deal about it.

  • It is ironic that a group that purports to be “vindicating God’s Name” is the main one that is perpetuating what is widely considered to be an inaccurate pronunciation of it. Bit still, all-in-all I have to agree with them that the pronunciation itself is not “wrong”.

  • A far more important issue with the Witnesses is that they put the name (regardless of whether it is “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”) in 237 places in the New Testmant of the New World Translation, without any manuscript evidence whatsoever for it. This practice supports their beliefs about the use of the Name, and obscures the meaning of the passage in places. Read more here.

  • Two Bibles that do a great job with the Divine Name, have it where it is supposed to be (in the parts of the Bible originally written in Hebrew), use the considered-to-be-more-accurate form “Yahweh”, that are widely respected, and easily available, are the Jerusalem Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible.

Call me old fashioned. But i just call God, God and Jesus, Jesus. I’m sure both know i am talkingto them when iuse such terms. I don’t think God or Jesus would be any more imprssed if itried to show off my understanding of anceint names

There is no J or V in Hebrew. If the JW’s demand that the exact right name be used then how can they use a mispronouncation? I love watching them stammar while trying to answer that one.

niether… for me the best way to address God’s name is

Father Almighty…

I call my biological male parent as father not on his first name… how much more should i address our creator.

And let’s remember that the Church has reserved the highest reverence and praise for the Holy Name of JESUS.

If the JW’s demand that the exact right name be used then how can they use a mispronouncation?

They don’t insist on correct pronunciation.

Every minute spent arguing the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton with the Witnesses is a minute spent being distracted from the real issue - they have inserted “Jehovah” in 237 places in the New Testament without any manuscript support whatsoever. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • They have a belief and practice in connection with the Name that is out of step with Christian churches.

  • They use the difference to accuse the Churches; as one more proof that they, the Witnesses, have the “one true religion”, and all of “Christendom” is false.

  • But their beliefs and practices are out of step with the New Testament, as we have received it in the most ancient manuscripts, because the Name does not appear in the New Testament. so:

  • They advance a theory that says that the Name was removed very, very early on by “apostates”, and that they, with the realease of the New Testament of the New World Translation in 1950, restored the Name in 237 places in the New Testament where they say it should be - actually* altering* the New Testament in those places.

Don’t waste time discussing the pronunciation of the Name with the Witnesses - leave that to the armchair theorists. The above is the real issue. Look here.

[quote=AHF]Don’t waste time discussing the pronunciation of the Name with the Witnesses - leave that to the armchair theorists. The above is the real issue. Look here.

I agree with you completely but the OP asked:

[quote=Mannyfit75]Which do you think best describe the name of God. YHWH or Yahweh, or the mistranslated Jehovah?

not: What is the real issue with the JW’s and the use of the Divine Name?

This is a great question. I like to learn various language translations for “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” exactly for this question.

In Hebrew it’s: Ha’Shem Abba Bar Ruach Ha’kodesh - Maybe this is The Name?

I agree with you completely but the OP asked:

Yes, you’re right b. I apologize if I was out of line.

Oh dude, none of that! :stuck_out_tongue: No apologies needed !! :smiley:

So then, are we as Catholics not supposed to use the name of Yahweh?

As a Catholic I feel I am disrespecting God if I call him that. I would never call my mom by her first name nor my dad by his first name. That’s being disrespectful. I called my mom by her name once, and she was angry at me. She said I shouldn’t do that.

Then, on the other hand, a few months ago (around Easter), the visiting Pastor at my Parish said “thanks to Yahweh”. That’s the first time I ever hear that name said in a CC, or by a Priest. Maybe I’m just being ignorant here. But if the name Jehovah originated from Catholicism, why would it be wrong to use the version we think now it’s correct (other than the fact that for me it means it’s disrespecting God)?

I have an older brother that is a JW. It is my understanding that they believe that the name of Jehovah will save them rather than the name of Jesus.
ACTS 4:11 This is the stone which was rejected by you the builders, which is become the head of the corner. 12 Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved.

I was shocked when I heard father Angelus on ETWN use the name Jehovah in his homily a few months ago. So it must be appropiate although I would only use it in a discussion such as this. I think the way the JW use of it is profaining the name if in fact it is the name of the Father that the Jewish people were forbidden to use lest it be profaned. What makes the most sense to me is the explaination that the name Jehovah (Yahweh) is more akin to nameing one of the fathers atributes rather than it being a proper name. My children who are all adults now would never consider calling me by my given name and I would be hurt if they did.

gee thanks for the link as my JW brother has come out of the wodwork again and I suspect is planning to attack me with another nine or ten pages of diatribe. I haven’t heard from him in several years now after I explain to him the essence of his teaching can only interpeted to mean the Jesus was a liar and deciever. He told me the Lords body disintegrate or turned to dust in the tomb so the body Thomas was encouraged to touch for proof was jus a “sembelance” of the one that died. This JW teaching has a lot of rammifications to many passages in the bible. Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. ect. Im a little rusty on the JW line and they change it so often it is impossible to know what they believe now a days. thanks again

The problem with “Jehovah” is that “hovah” in Hebrew means “destroyed,” so “Yah Hovah” would mean “God is Destroyed.”

As for Messianics… while many of us are, in fact, fundies in “Jewish drag,” many of us are not – you are apparently not familiar with Torah Observant Messianic Judaism. Check us out at ctomc.org

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