Yalweah Binyalway??? (sp?)


Anyone know what the heck this Yalweah (sp?) is all about? Of course, I slaughtered the name. Anyway, I saw some program on tv a week ago about this sect. It seemed very weird and spinned to say the least.


Is there any more information you could provide from the program? What are some of the beliefs or practices of this group?


I watched briefly, probably two minutes. Anyway, I remember them saying that blacks are the real people of Israel to be set free from slavery. The images used looked like they cropped Jesus out of the pictures and added some other dude in.



Found the link I was topic about. Talk about being out there…



Yeah, pretty much a cult.


You got it. They’re so far off the trail, it defies analysis. I’ve encountered them once or twice, years ago. They’re not very nice.

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